Our Big Trip to Mickey's House

Life follows you to Disney World, whether you think it should or not. Sickness, two-year-olds with minds of their own, tired feet, more sickness, grumpy grown-ups, pregnancy nausea...they all came along for the fun. But, despite all that, we still managed to have fun. Maddie has declared it the "best vacation ever," while Jack says he'll just take a trip to the beach. Luke ranged from royally ticked off at having to ride in a stroller/be on a leash (yes, we put our child on a leash)/hold someone's hand while walking to being beside himself with joy at seeing Mickey's house or riding the Nemo ride for the sixth time. Over all, he had a great time, and it was fun seeing his reactions to everything.

The great thing I took away from it all was the kids' view of everything. They didn't notice the fact that the schedule didn't always work out, that we almost missed our character breakfast, that being sick part of the time messed up the whole plan, or that we only took warm weather clothes and ended up with chilly days. They just lived in the moment and had fun. I'm so not a living in the moment kind of girl naturally, but I tried my best to just go with the flow. I think if life with three kids has done anything for me, it's helped me not sweat the small stuff so much. Don't get me wrong. I still get worked up over ridiculous stuff sometimes, but I think I've made drastic improvements. We were given this trip as a blessing, and the kids enjoyed it as one. It wasn't perfect by my standards, but we came away with good memories. That's the real blessing of it all.

To sum it all up, here are the highs and lows of the trip:

Low: Jack running a fever and staying up all night puking snot on our first night there.
High: We got him some antibiotics a few days later, and he was a new man...our last two days.

Low: Not sleeping for the first four nights of a tiring trip.
High: Snuggling with Lukey in the bed all night.

Low: Nana's hurt tummy and almost missing our character breakfast.
High: Seeing the gigantic smiles as the kids danced with Mickey once we made it inside.

Low: Missing lots of fun rides because I'm prego.
High: I'm prego!!

Low: Feeling like death warmed over on Thursday morning and being stuck at the hotel.
High: Having a sweet husband who stayed and took care of me without complaining.

Low: Luke's screaming fits.
High: Luke's screams of joy at Mickey, Nemo, Nana, the teacups, the playgrounds (his favorite part), and everything else that thrilled his soul.

Low: Tons and tons of people.
High: Getting there early, using our strategy, Fast Passes, and good luck, which all equalled very little waiting in lines.

Low: It was cooler weather than we'd planned for.
High: It wasn't 95 degrees. We didn't even sweat.

Low: It felt like we were eating the same food over and over.
High: I didn't have to cook any of it.

Low: We had to come home.
High: We got to come home.

The ultimate high: Having a great time with our family, Nana and Papa included. It wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without them. We were blessed.

Assuming you haven't fallen to sleep from boredom, I'll leave you with a few more pics of our fun, exhausting, unforgettable trip.


  1. Thanks for updating for me! I love the picture of Jack "walking" Luke-so cute. Glad you had fun (despite the sickness) and that the kids loved it!

  2. Your family is beautiful...can't wait to see how God blesss you with #4! My favorite, too, is Jack "walking" his brother...ha!!

  3. This is GREAT!! Agree - the "walking" picture is hilarious! Not to sound sexist, but I have a feeling that might have been a male's decision - "sure, let Jack walk with him - what's the worst that could happen". LOL

  4. So glad ya'll made some great memories! The pictures are so cute.

  5. I love your pics! My favorite is the one of Jack holding Luke's leash, lol!


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