Picture This

Picture a family of five and one talented photographer taking nice family photos in a flower-filled garden. Sounds so peaceful and serene.

Picture a fun-loving two-year-old who has ants in his pants. He is full of smiles and giggles, as long as he doesn't have to sit still. Not exactly the ideal temperament for a photography session.

Picture his two siblings constantly running to where that wiggly two-year-old has decided to take a seat, sitting down next to him at their parents' urging, and immediately being left in the dust by their motion-filled brother.

Picture a daddy who is constantly trying to find ways to get the slippery booger to sit still for .4 seconds so the talented photographer can snap a photo.

Picture an older brother who can only contain his silliness and wiggles so long before he decides to abandon his attempts at cooperation and join the rambunctious younger brother as he runs and giggles.

Picture a 7-year and 364-day-old sweet girl who is cooperative and helpful (other than the occasional fake smile) as always. What would her parents do without her?

Picture a mommy who is starting to show her age, even though she still has one more baby to birth and raise. Unfortunately, she's too cheap to invest in any good wrinkle cream.

Picture a couple pretending not to be stressed and exhausted by an hour of convincing three kids to all sit and look in the general direction of a camera while having at least a semi-happy look on their face.

Picture a family of five, soon to be six (Yikes!), who is just happy to be a family, wiggles and all, and thankful to have a friend who just happens to be a talented photographer who doesn't mind chasing fast boys.


  1. Oh exactly! What great pictures though and I don't see any wrinkles, maybe my eyes are going bad but you look wrinkle free to me!

  2. These pictures are GREAT!!! I can't wait till you get some more with #6 in them!

  3. Love the pictures! What a sweet family you are!


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