You Might Be a New Mommy (Again) If...

1. It takes you two weeks to find time to sit at your computer long enough to blog and then actually put together two cohesive thoughts and write a complete sentence.

2. You've gotten a total of 5 1/2 hours of sleep in the last two nights.

3. You've sniffed a newborn's fuzzy little head approximately 147 times in the last 24 hours.

4. You feel like Superwoman after cooking a meal and feeding your family for the first time in three weeks. (Yes, taco salad counts as a real meal, even without lettuce and tomatoes.)

5. You're so addicted to all the homemade desserts your friends have brought you (along with dinner) that you're pretty sure you'll never fit back in your old pants.

6. You're equally obsessed with food and fitting back in your old pants. Unfortunately, those don't work well together.

7. You've recently heard your two-year-old say, "Oh, no, Mommy! Baby Sam's biting your belly button!"

8. You can't decide whether you feel more like a cow or a pack mule.

9. Getting yourself and your kids dressed and out the door by 10:30am seems to be nothing short of a miracle.

10. You're pretty sure if your kids joined forces and could get along long enough to make a plan, they could totally take over your house . There are just so many of them!

11. Your house is a disaster and your laundry is piled to your eyeballs because your arms are just too full of baby sweetness to get anything done.

12. You've now used every spare brain cell you have left trying to compose a post that at least halfway makes sense, so you're pretty sure to be useless the rest of the day.
13. Your idea of a dream vacation has gone from a week on the beach in Hawaii to 24 hours alone in a comfy, clean bed with a padlock on the door.

14. You're thankful that you can still count to four, even on very little sleep, because you can't let your blessings go uncounted.

15. You realize that you've pretty much got the best job in the world: gazing at this face all the live-long day.


  1. That first pic makes me melt w/ that hint of a smile! I don't see how you can get anything done. I wouldn't want to do anything but look at him!

  2. Amy, he is just sooo stinkin' precious!!! And number 7 made me laugh out loud. Really!

  3. He is too cute!! Already looks like the other ones, just can't decide who... :) Enjoy having a Sam around the house. They make everything more fun!

  4. I can't wait to meet him and see you on Wed. Please know that you should do absolutely NO CLEANING before I come over. That's right, don't pick up a thing, or stash a pile of stuff anywhere. Just let it all be...I'll only be looking at Sam anyways!!


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