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As I referenced in my last post, I did a crazy thing this year. I did something I said I would never do again. I did something that is really rather senseless sense it involves me spending money which I do not have in excess (by some standards - meaning my own, but not necessarily the standards in Uganda) to give someone something that will soon end up in a landfill contributing to global warming. (Okay, so I don't really buy into all the 'we're killing the earth by causing global warming' stuff, but you know what I mean.) Yep. You know what it is. Christmas cards.

It's really rather insane. Here's a card with a picture of my kids (because who wants a picture of me?), who are rather cute, but whom most of you see on a regular basis in real life anyway. I'm going to pay to purchase this piece of paper, pay to print photos of my kids, then pay to have the mail person bring it to your door, all so you can display it with a thousand other similar photos and cards for a few days and then toss it in the ole trash can.

But, I had purchased some cards on clearance a few years ago...the ones you actually put a photo in and sign with your own hand rather than the pre-printed Sam's special. Then I commenced to go with the pre-printed photo/card combo from Sam's for a few years, THEN I deemed the Christmas card unworthy of my precious time and money last year. But my non-wasteful side heard those unused cards calling to me from Maddie's closet, begging to be used and not put to waste. So, this year I have deemed the grand finale of the Bond Christmas card. That is, until next year when I decide that the world cannot continue to spin without a widely circulated photo of the four cutest kids in the world, or at least in our house.

And, if one doesn't arrive in your mailbox (yes, I even bought stamps and mailed them!), then please know that I was too thrifty to purchase more than 50 stamps and photos and had to cut my list off when I ran out them both. Otherwise, I'm SURE you would have received one. Please consider the photo and greeting below to be your official Christmas card from the Bond clan.

Merry Christmas!!

Love, Chris, Amy, Maddie, Jack, Luke, and Sam

(and, yes, I nearly got a hand cramp from signing so many stinking names on all the cards!)


  1. They look so cute!!!!! And you got a great picture of all of them at the same time!

  2. You can hand deliver mine-don't even have to waste a stamp on me. I will be waiting.... :-)

  3. Precious picture of your adorable children!!

  4. I better get one, lol! I haven't sent them in years either. With Facebook now, everyone can just log on and see them! Glad your cards didn't go to waste!


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