Summary of Spring

An alternate title of this post could be: "The Post in Which I Avoid Cleaning the Bathroom While Catching Everyone up on the Last Few Months at Our House, Which You Probably Care Nothing About." Needless to say, that's a bit wordy, so I went with the very dull "Summary of Spring."

About a month and a half ago, we celebrated Easter. I feel compelled to travel back in time and show you pictures from the event because a) I think my kids are cute and b) Nana spent a lot of time and money coming up with these perfectly adorable coordinated outfits for said kids. Also, I felt that your life would not be complete without seeing this little chubby hand holding this Easter egg.

Below is the best picture I got of Matthew and Emily with someone's crazy kids. I cannot imagine my own kids acting like this, so these are obviously imposters.

I love the picture of two bald heads. We often tease Sam that he looks just like his great grandfather with his bright blue eyes and hairless head.

See, these are my kids. One big, happy, cooperative family.

In May, Maddie had the nerve to turn nine years old, and then went one step further and got glasses. They make her look so grown up, and they hurt my bank account. She is thrilled that she can actually see leaves on trees and look cute and stylish at the same time. The picture below is not really proof of that since she's also sporting poofy hair and a "play shirt", but it's the only one I have of her wearing the glasses and I'm way too lazy to go take another one and then upload it. Yes, she'll hate me for this one day.

To be fair, I am showing an equally unflattering picture of myself just so that you can see my best birthday gift. Maddie and Grandma sewed matching aprons for me, Maddie, and Felicity. Who is Felicity, you ask? That would be Maddie's American Girl doll. She became a part of our family at Christmas and has pretty much gone everywhere with us since then.

While Maddie has been seeing the world more clearly and I've been June Cleavering it up with my apron and Old El Paso taco kit, Chris and Matthew were doing very manly things, like adding a new deck to our house. We've been wanting to do something like this for years since standing on our upstairs deck and looking at the kids on the playground gives you basically the same experience as climbing Everest. With our new "down porch" as Luke calls it, we can enjoy some shade and actually watch the kids play.

And I'll leave you with what could be called dessert in photographic form. Who could ask for a sweeter ending than this?


  1. 1. Your down porch will be so nice. Sitting in the sun is for the birds.

    2. Yes, the chubby hands do me in.

    3. Nana did a great job on the coordinating outfits.

    4. The aprons look great! You look like you are doing a El Paso commercial :)

    5. Last, but not least, Maddie looks so cute in her new glasses!

  2. Maddie's glasses look just like mine but she looks 100% cuter in hers!

    Y'all are a cutie-pie Easter family!


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