Is It Bedtime Yet?

There seems to be a lack of communication in my house. For instance, I say in the car as we are pulling out of the driveway, “Does everyone have your backpacks?” Now, when I asked this question, I really did want to know if the two kids I was headed to drop off at school had their backpacks. Evidently, one of them thought I asked if, in his opinion, I was the best mom in the world, because he said, “Yes.” Then, as I pulled into the drop-off area at the school, he decided it was the opportune time to drop the bomb. “I don’t think I have my backpack.” Hmmm. Do you think he decided to do it then because I couldn’t pull over and yank his ears off without causing a huge scene in front of every other parent at that school? Maybe his timing was for the best, because I would probably now be regretting any bodily harm I brought to him, which I would have done if I’d had the chance. Instead, I settled for a good blessing out as he eagerly jumped from the van and raced inside the school. Good timing, son. I’ll give you that.

Later in the day, I asked another child (for the 24th time) if she needed me to sign her reading log, knowing very well that she did since I’m supposed to affix my signature to it everyday and I haven’t seen it in at least half a week. (That is, unless she’s sneaking around on me and she has another nicer mother she keeps around in some other cleaner house for those days when she just can’t take any more of me.) Obviously, she must have thought I asked her to go play rather than bringing me the reading log to sign. I can see how that would be confusing. Later on, when I caught up with her again, I refused to let her out of my grip until the stinking log was initialed. Again, the bomb is dropped. “Hmmm, I guess I left it at school in my locker.” I wouldn’t consider what she received a blessing out. It was more of a serious mommy talk on responsibility. Boring, I know.

Then there was the “Please put up your binder” which must have come out sounding like “Please leave your binder and all its contents spread all over the kitchen table, because we’re about to eat and it will make a great placemat.” After that came, “Supper is almost ready. Give me ten more minutes” which must have sounded like, “I am never going to feed you, not for a million years, just keep begging me until I do.” And let’s not forget my personal favorite: “Put your shoes up, please” which is obviously easily misheard as “Go throw your shoes in your floor and, while you’re at it, wad up your jacket on top of them…and what the heck, why don’t you leave your trash in the floor, too?”

But somewhere between the dance party with homemade strobe lights and the part where I pleaded with the kid wearing jingly reindeer antlers to put his shoes in the shoe rack before he caused his mother to have an aneurism, I was thankful. Thankful that the worst things I have to deal with are messy rooms and forgetful school kids. Thankful that we have food to put on top of that binder and shoes to leave on the floor and a floor to leave them on. Thankful that I am mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted because it means my life is full of life. Thankful for a sweet daughter who just walked in my room and asked if I was lonely in here by myself (I had to laugh…lonely? Try ecstatic!). Thankful for a helpful boy who just needs an extra hug and some good sleep here and there. Thankful for a hilarious little guy who begs for me to show him my "sweet face" when I’m about to explode. Thankful for an adorable little monkey who took his first wobbly steps this week.

And thankful for bedtime. Good night. :)


  1. Lovely blog. Really enjoyed reading it :-)

  2. Very funny! I know those kinds of days very well!

  3. You are a blessed woman indeed ... and a very hilarious writer!

  4. You always make me laugh! What a great reminder too!


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