Mama Jack Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I know it's rare that I blog two days in a row, but I am being forced to write something now as a way to avoid what I should be doing. Namely, making lunches, rereading my Scripture for Bible study tomorrow, getting ready for bed, trying to decide which shoes to buy for my boys. I have been a parent now for over nine years, but this whole shoe buying bit just stresses me out, especially for boys. Yes, I know. I have three. I'm in trouble.

Theoretically, I should be able to buy shoes for Jack and be in the clear for the next two. But it never seems to work out that way. Summer is fabulous for everyone in our family. I'll sum it up in one two words. Flip flops. What shoes should I wear today? Hmmm, just go with the flip flops. But fall and winter? Well, there are tennis shoes, which will get worn out in approximately 3-4 months and then I'll make them wear them another month or two. Then there are brown shoes, because they have khaki pants and these adorable brown corduroys. So, that sounds sufficient, right? Except their mama was so lame in the brain as to buy black corduroys and/or gray pants, too. I know many people would just slap some tennis shoes or brown shoes on with the black pants and go on with their lives, but I just cannot bring myself to do it. I can't bear the thought of all the Sunday dinner conversations that would revolve around the Bond boys and their poor mother's choice of shoes for them.

I'm clearly too cheap to go out and purchase them three pairs of new shoes each for a season that is regrettably short in Alabama, so to ebay we went. Oh, the agony. Ebay is not the place for someone who has trouble making decisions or committing to a purchase. So, Jack has one pair of tennis shoes, Luke has one pair of brown shoes, Sam has one adorable pair of Navy Keds and I am at an impasse. If only I would wake up in the morning and find, neatly lined up in my living room floor, the perfect pairs of shoes to get these poor boys through the next few months without committing any major fashion faux pas.

And for all this agony I'm going through for them to have just the right shoes at just the right price, what am I doing to be sure they have just the right knowledge of the Lord and just the right love for Him? Do I concern myself with their hearts as much as their wardrobe? I'm thinking God wouldn't give a flip if they showed up with black pants and brown shoes. Gasp! I want my kids to be known for their love of Jesus more than their snappy dressing. But sometimes I get so lazy. I let the matters of the heart slide but stay up late poring over a computer screen filled with shoes.

So, I'll say goodnight and try to get the rest I need to be the mom I really want to be. But before I do, I'd like to pass along a little tidbit of extremely useful information that Jack shared with me as he got out of this bath tonight.

"Mama? Did you ever wonder what to do if you didn't have a music staff with you and you needed one? You can just use your hand, because it has five lines (fingers) and four spaces just like a staff! Isn't that great?? Now you'll always have one!"

Whew. He may not have shoes on his feet, but all his musical staff needs will be met. I can truly sleep peacefully tonight.

Oh, and just one more thing. If a certain intermediate school could kindly add a few words to their insanely long spelling list each week that I actually need to learn how to spell, that would be awesome. I just had to so many words in this post. I just figured two birds with one stone would be great, 'cause we spend a whole lot of time on spelling words around here.


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