You Look Like a Monkey and You Act Like One, Too!

I seem to have hit a dry spell with this here little blog. About all I have to offer these days is impatience, a few new recipes, and some spiritual angst. Since none of that sounds very fun, I'll go with a few words about Jack.

Jack had a birthday last week, and we celebrated all weekend. I use the word celebrated loosely, for it seems that Jack always get the birthday shaft. His comes on the tail of Luke's, so I'm kind of birthdayed out (which doesn't take a whole lot). To make it simple for me, yet fun for Jack, I was going to have lunch and school with him, then he and Chris had planned a little Daddy/Son camping trip with Jack's friend and his dad. Naturally, there was the potential for severe weather that day, so school let out early (thus ruining our lunch plan) and the camping trip turned into a sleepover.

Let me say right now that I am a girl (if you were wondering) and I have no idea what boys are supposed to do when they sleepover. I didn't know what to do with them or how to entertain them. My approach was to send them outside until the tornado warnings sounded, which they never did, so we were good for most of the afternoon. We made homemade pizza, which impressed our guest very much, and then let them watch movies. Apparently we had a few movies in the old collection that weren't so appropriate, so right after we corrupted another person's kid's mind, we got rid of a few. In my mind, Jack's birthday was a total fail, but he had fun and I suppose that's all that matters.

We did follow up with a small family party on Sunday, which I did nothing for other than clean the house a little. Okay, I actually got Chris to clean the house a little while I baked bread...not for the party, but just for us. (Might I add this was my best bread yet and I really hope I can replicate it!) Grandma arrived with cake, we sang, we ate, Jack opened presents, and that's all she wrote.

Despite the lackluster celebration, we love Jack very much! I can't believe I have a seven-year-old and that's not my oldest child. What is happening and how do I stop it? Jack is a very smart, energetic, and unique kid. He has the memory of an elephant and can hide God's Word in his heart like nobody's business. I still hold out hope that he'll be a preacher someday. He's a passionate little guy and has an amazing amount of perseverance when it comes to something he's after. He says the most amazing prayers and can easily see how God's Word applies to his life.

His latest endeavor is learning to do a cartwheel, hoping all the while that Molly Kate will invite him to gymnastics. The fact that he's not the most athletic little guy doesn't deter him in anyway from participating in sports. If there's any chance of snacks being involved, he's game. At this point he thinks he's great at everything, even though his feet barely leave the ground when he does his "cartwheel." Self-confidence is not a problem.

Jack doesn't like chocolate, loves video games, and couldn't care less about eating enough vegetables. As long as he doesn't like the devil, loves Jesus, and couldn't care less about the things of this world, I'll be one happy mama. Happy Birthday, Jackeroo!

On a totally unrelated note, I found myself saying today, for the first time, "Get down off that toilet paper," right before Sam fell off of a roll of toilet paper. Apparently a roll of toilet paper can hold up a toddler for about 2.3 seconds until the baby comes tumbling down. In case you were wondering...or contemplating standing on a roll of toilet paper.


  1. Well, how would he know if you can stand on toilet paper if you don't ever try it?!

    Happy Birthday Jack!


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