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Today, I helped Luke write his first love letter. I was only willing to do so because I know I'm still his #1 girl. In 10-15 (or hopefully 25) years when a girl is giving me a run for my money, I don't imagine I'll be so helpful.

Only his mother would display little Luke's love life for all the world to see. I feel certain he will thank me one day. You might remember Luke's wedding to his darling Annabella. It seems that it's a good thing it was only pretend, or we might have a problem on our hands. His four-year-old heart is fickle. Or maybe it's just torn between two loves. (Really, there is at least one more unsuspecting girl in serious contention for the title as well.) But who could expect one so young to make up his mind on such a serious matter?

Annabella has seriously hurt her chances by moving overseas, though when she comes back all grown up and fluent in Italian, his head might be turned pretty quickly. 

But, for now, his "sweetart", Katherine, has captured his heart. Below, you will find him pouring out his love for her. Translation is courtesy of Mommy (a.k.a. the only person in the house at the time who is actually fluent in the written form of the English language).

(He was adamant that he write his name on the letter. Otherwise, "she might think it's from Peyton." Heaven forbid.)

It sounds a little like he's taking off for a six-month voyage overseas. Actually, he'll probably see her tomorrow night at church. But, when you're in love, 24 hours can seem like an eternity.

I can't deny that they make a cute couple. And I feel certain that my sweet, tender-hearted boy will one day make a great husband. (Okay, my heart feels like it's being ripped out of my chest at the thought of that. My poor future daughter-in-law.)

Luke and Katherine: Sweetarts Forever


  1. Oh how sweet they are! So happy that Luke is Katherine's first sweetart!

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  3. Sweettart! Love it! Mark is going to be called Sweettart all day today. It will be just strange enough to thoroughly aggravate him :)


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