A Week of Dreams Coming True

Just checking in to let you know that both Sam and I survived the Great Muffin Standoff with no hard feelings. Of course, I won (in my opinion) and I must say that it wasn't the worst standoff I've ever been a part of. I don't know if that's due to the fact that I'm hard as nails now or Sam just doesn't quite have the same amount of stubborness as some other little two-year-olds who've lived in my house.

To be fair, Sam has been pretty lovable ever since we made peace and he picked up muffin. Luke might disagree as he shows you the Sam-inflicted scratches on his neck, but, hey, nobody's perfect. But that's the great thing about a two-year-old. As much as they may want to make you pull your hair out one minute, you find yourself smothering their sweet cheeks with kisses the next. It just can't be helped.

It's a good thing that Bama doesn't play again for a month. My heart needs time to recover from this stress. It helped to have a house full of distractions during the SEC game tonight, but the old ticker still skipped a few beats. The good news, besides the fact that the Tide pulled it out, is that I've gotten to wear my crimson and white striped scarf for two weeks in a row. I decided to choose fashion over comfort today as it felt more like September than December, but, you know, sometimes you just have to take the hard road in life. It's just what happens when you're as committed to fashion as I am.

Oh, wait. That's not me. Nevermind. Unless my new resolution to greatly increase my long-sleeved t-shirt collection counts as caring about fashion.

I am excited to announce that Jack is about to fulfill a life long dream. Or maybe it's just a year long dream, but still. He got a solo in the church Christmas performance. Granted, it's all of about two lines, but a solo it is. He's tried out before and never made it, so when he told us he'd tried out again, I just tried to give him a little encouragement along the lines of, "Well, you know they just can't pick everybody," and went on with my evening. I was a little surprised when he told me later that he'd gotten one. I think my reaction was something like, "Are you sure?"

Once it was confirmed, my stomach got a little knot in it. Chris thought it was silly that my stomach was hurting when it's Jack who has the solo, but I think that's completely to be expected. Don't you? Eek. Gotta be sure the video camera is actually charged this time. That always helps when trying to capture those never-to-be-repeated moments of precious childhood performances. Not that I'd ever forget. I'm just sayin'...

Maddie and I got an afternoon to ourselves this week, which is extremely rare. I was a rebel and checked her out of school...unexcused!...and we went to lunch and bought some school supplies she needed. Yes. We were quite the bad girls. Ironically, our lunch was almost free thanks to the fact that Maddie was awarded Respectful Rider on her bus. There's a fine line between rebel and respectful, I always say. Fortunately, her school rewards respectful behavior with a free sub sandwich, so a hot meatball it was. Nothing says "Thank you for your good behavior" like free food. I pretty much think food is always an appropriate reward.

I can't finish up without mentioning little Lukey as well. This was quite a momentous week for him as he got to do something he's been begging to do for weeks now. The boy got to eat dinner at Taco Bells. You might know it as Taco Bell, but adding more Bells in there just means it's even better. Those taco people should be paying their advertisers well, because they're doing a heck of a job. They reeled Luke right in with those commercials of yummy taco goodness. He chattered all the way there about how "Taco Bells is my favorite place to eat. It's so yummy. I've never been there!"

See, all these nights of making our kids eat at home have payed off. Now all we have to do is take them to eat questionably made tacos and they're thrilled. Who needs Disney World? Luke was totally oblivious to the slow service or the not-so-clean eating area. He loved it. Maddie and Jack were pretty thrilled, too, as they shared that orange cheese-product covered Nachos Belgrande. In the end, Chris had to risk it all by getting back into that slow line and getting another order of nachos. My favorite part was that I didn't once have to say, "Eat your food." They inhaled it. Of course, maybe I shouldn't actually refer to it as food.

Now that it's late enough to excuse myself from exercising, I'll wrap this up. Then I'll go beat myself up for not working out today. And then I'll go to sleep. Good night.


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