Baby Girl

Eleven years ago at this time, I was basking in the joy of having a beautiful round little bundle of girly joy. I dreamed of all the girly things we'd do together. Her Nana and Grandma bought her adorable little clothes and baby dolls. She had eyelet curtains and sweet little bows in her nursery, and we were all delighted as she grew adorable little blond ringlets by the time she was two years old.

And today, eleven years later, here is how my precious angel chose to celebrate her grand entrance into our lives.

My only daughter is a copy of her daddy in many ways. I have three boys, and it is this one little girl that begs to go fishing and camping.

We rounded out the night with a dainty tea party with petit fours and tea cakes. Or maybe it was a hamburger and French fries at a noisy bar and grill. Suffice it to say, her daddy felt as though he were celebrating a birthday. And they let me tag along.

There aren't words to say how I feel about this child of mine. There's something special about the one who makes you a mommy for the first time. Our sweet Maddie not only made us parents, she changed us forever. I am less than thrilled about sending her to middle school next year, but I'm oh so proud of the sweet-hearted and adventurous girl she is at eleven years old.

Happy Birthday, Madeleine!


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