I'm SO Not Qualified

Just in case anyone out there was under the illusion that I am actually missionary material, I'd like to set the record straight. In the case that I ever become an official "missionary," I want anyone who might consider selecting me to be one or anyone who might consider supporting us financially to know what you're getting yourself into. And I'd also like to remind God (in case He's recently started the habit of forgetting) of what I'm really like.

I'm pretty sure a missionary should never do any of the following:

1. Yell at your kids multiple times in one day just because they're being extremely annoying and frustrating as a result of absolute boredom.

2. Talk bad about others. I have been very convicted about this for a long time, but have made frustratingly little progress in controlling my tongue or, what would be even better, not having critical thoughts of others in the first place. I hope you'll all still be my friend. :)

3. Lose it with your husband because he just purchased his 28th pair of ugly, non-real shoes and is planning on wearing them in public. In eternity, it won't matter, right? But still!

4. When you have a little moment of quiet alone time, try to find an interesting book somewhere in your house to read and then finally settle for the Bible after you cannot track down the book you're looking for and the conviction of the Holy Spirit is so heavy you can no longer ignore it.

5. Whine about how you don't have enough money to do anything fun or go out to eat whenever the urge strikes you despite the fact that God has faithfully supplied every need for the 2 1/2 years that your husband has been a school teacher (and all the years before, too).

6. When asked about what ministry opportunity has become a possibility for you, respond by frowning, dropping your head, and mumbling something about the Caribbean.

7. Dwell on the fact that homeschooling sounds like way too much work and that being at home everyday with your children seems like utter misery.

8. Write blogs about some of the crappy things you've done lately, which could really be a list about two miles long.

Now, I know what your response will probably be. Well, it could be, "Wow. She's a mess. I'm gonna mark her off the friend list RIGHT now." But, seeing as one thing I am pretty good at is choosing friends, you're more likely to say, "Oh, Amy. None of us is perfect. In our weaknesses He is strong" or "God doesn't call the perfect, just the willing" or some other such Godly wisdom. But, seriously, shouldn't "missionaries" or people in positions of Christian calling be at least decent people after being believers for 21 years? I just don't ever want to be pegged as this Godly, mature woman (it just dawned on me that maybe I'm being a lot prideful assuming anyone would EVER think that) when I'm just a messed up, sinful, ugly, mistake-making person.

I suppose, if I wasn't, His grace wouldn't be needed. Grace: the UNDESERVED favor of God. I've got the undeserved part covered. I suppose He's got the rest.


  1. Amy, Amy, Amy...were you looking in my window to get this list? :)

    In our weakness HE is glorfied.


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