St. Maarten: Day 1

It's been a day and a night, and I'm still sane for the most part. The flight down was kind of fun, full of anticipation. I think I caught the excitement of everyone on the plane who was headed to a tropical paradise vacation rather than to a potential new home. But I quickly realized my trip was for a much different purpose once we left the airport. They were headed for luxurious resorts, while I have yet to see hardly any pretty sites since leaving the landing strip. For the most part, it's seemed poor, crowded, wild (that would be the roads) , and claustrophobic.

As I sit here in our tiny apartment (which is pretty clean and not so horrible - some of you know my standards are HIGH), listening to roosters and doves and lots of other animal noises I can't identify, it doesn't seem so bad. Last night, however, I had a different feeling about the place. I don't do well in new places when it comes to settling into our accommodations and going to bed. I don't know how to explain it. I'm very weird and quirky when it comes to changing my surroundings and not being at home. So, last night, the uneasiness and fear (not sure that's the right word) and just generally not feeling like myself at all settled in with me for the night. I'm hoping that the fresh morning will give me a new perspective as I try to approach today with an open mind.

We're heading to a local church today, then doing lunch and maybe a little more exploring. Then, tonight, we'll head to the Haitian church of a missionary here. I'm praying that as we meet the people, God's purpose and will will be obvious. I am being reminded by others that we're not called to a place, but to people. I certainly don't feel called to this place. Maybe the people will be the key to figuring this whole thing out.


  1. Oh Amy. I will pray for you that you'll know and understand what His plan is. I think you're so brave.

  2. Amy, so thankful for internet!! One step at a time. :) We (meaning Richard and I) prayed for ya'll last night and will again.

  3. LOL! This is kind of what I thought you would say. We're praying and I know that God's Will is going to be obvious to you. :-) I can't wait to see pics! Hey! If you're having one of those chickens that you were hearing last night, see if they will let you ring the chickens neck! How cool of an experience would that be? I've always wanted to do that...


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