Busy Little Bee

We've been such busy little bees the last week that I just can't find time to blog. And the even greater dilemma is that we've done so much, I don't know where to even begin when I do find time to blog. I'm in the middle of preparing for a dinner for the girls in our Sunday School class tonight and a baby shower here tomorrow night. My aching pregnancy back is not helping me get things accomplished, which is why I'm sitting at the computer now taking a break from standing. I'm also trying to appreciate my two wild, healthy boys who are currently "napping" in their room. Funny though, how noisy napping can be. I'm just not quite sure that anyone is ever going to get any rest when we put a third boy in that room. Heaven help us...


  1. I had little Luke in the nursery Sunday and he was precious! He gives those little looks and I just want to eat him up! I hope your back feels better.


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