He Came, He Made the Sale, He Survived

The anticipation.

The excitement.

It's almost too much to bear.

Where could he be?

Finally, the moment of truth is about to arrive.

The choice.

The transaction.

The pure...


J O Y.

What would summertime really be without sticky, brightly colored ice cream on a long, hot afternoon? Their joy was so sweet that Mommy didn't dare whisper one word against that jingle-playing man. Today, all grudges were ended, all transgressions forgiven. For what mother could dislike a man who brought her precious children such sweet memories?


  1. Love it Amy. You are right. These are the days they will remember.

  2. I love the baby out in his diaper! My two babies have yet to wear clothes this summer! And I'm surprised to say that the laundry isn't all that bad! These are the days!


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