Turkey Trouble

Ya'll, I never thought I'd see the day when I would witness a grown man and a five-year-old fighting about dressing a paper turkey. Now, I'm all about turkey and dressing as a Thanksgiving feast, but if we ever decide to homeschool, I will have the perfect answer to the inevitable question: "So, why did you decide to homeschool?" "Oh, we're homeschooling so we'll never again have to dress up a paper turkey with scraps of fabric and sequins." I cannot fathom why we would be asked to dress a turkey like something besides a turkey as a school project unless someone is doing a twisted experiment to see how many families can survive such a task. I mean, there is obviously going to be friction in a home when the child wants to dress the turkey like a clown, the dad tries to dress the turkey like a clown, but the turkey ends up looking exactly like a disco king with a mullet. How do you solve that problem? Well, WE solve that problem by writing "Dancing with the Turkeys" on the turkey's back and telling the kid to "be quiet and take this turkey to school tomorrow. Now get in the tub. It's time for bed." Problem solved.

From the looks of things, I think Jack has made peace with his turkey. And I can guarantee one thing...there will not be another turkey like his to make an appearance today. That was our goal all along...uniqueness. Goal accomplished.


  1. Ha ha ha! What a great turkey-love the mullet.

  2. That made me laugh SO HARD!!! Yes, our turkey ended up being a ballerina and believe it or not, I think MK actually was pleased. I let Eric handle that project - yay for good moms!!

  3. the teacher is laughing SOOOO hard watching all these turkeys come back all "decorated"


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