Lunch Cookin', Tantrum Throwing, and Dice Rollin'

That's what we've been up to today. I was super late to Bible study this morning. I could use the "I had to cook two casseroles and get two munchkins ready" excuse, but so did 75% of the people there today and they weren't late. I've just been stinkin' up lots of things lately, so why do today any differently? On the bright side, my casserole went from "call the fire department, my mouth is flaming" to "just right" after baking for 30 minutes. Who knew that could happen? I'm thinking maybe it was a little gift from God since I was stressing about fixing a new recipe for 40 people. Whew. That was close.

In other good news, Luke has been to both church and Bible study and emerged with dry pants in the last 24 hours. He even threw in a little pooping for good measure. Another gift from God: while potty training would not fit into any category with "fun" in the title, it's been WAY less stressful this time. That could be due to the fact that I have trained two other kids who, despite the days when I wanted to throw myself in front of a bus, do #1 and #2 in the potty on a daily basis. Nothing like a little perspective to make the stress level come down. My theory is now going to be "the worse the sleeper, the better the pottier". If that proves true, Sam will have himself trained by the time he's 18 months old.

Yes, little Sam still likes to hang out with me anywhere from one to three times a night. And, yes, he's still in our room. Not only that, but he is doing the vast majority of his sleeping in his swing. It's going to look a little funny when his feet are dragging the ground, but hey...what's a momma to do? But he's super cute and as chubby as he can be, so we're going to let him stay.

Back to Luke...I will have you know that this kid can cause some trouble. He's not as consistently challenging as some other boy who lives in our house, but when he decides to challenge us, he pulls no punches. I already mentioned how last week, in the middle of our version of General Hospital, he decided to unroll a whole roll of toilet paper and put it in the potty and flush. It was a new low point in my life when I had to answer the door for my mom wearing my pajamas and a purple rubber glove at noon with my kid screaming in the background. Then today, he had me seriously considering studying up on exorcism as he threw the temper tantrum of all temper tantrums. But who could blame him? I mean, his cruel mother had asked him to put his juice bottle in the refrigerator. Who wouldn't go ballistic over something so absolutely unreasonable and horrid?

Jack and Maddie have been a couple of sweeties lately as it's obviously been Luke and Sam's turn at trying to drive Mommy and Daddy to the brink of insanity. Since I'm probably a little closer to insane these days, Daddy let me go play bunco with the girls while he dealt with Grumpy and Grumpier. I guess he figured that way at least he had a night without Grumpiest!

For some reason, though these days haven't really been any crazier than any other days at our house, I've been struggling. As any real woman would do, I am blaming it on hormones. But no matter what the cause, I know at least one piece of the purpose. Each moment of my day, I am forced to choose plunging into despair or crying out to my God (and occassionally my mom) for help. And just as the age-old question "Why?" begins to form on my lips, God answers, "Because you need to need me." Better one day spent totally dependent on the God who can do all things than one thousand days dependent on this flesh which can do nothing but fail. I am so thankful for a God who holds me up when I am about to fall and carries me when I can no longer walk. And so, since His strength is made perfect in my weakness, I should rejoice in all this weakness that is so plain in me. So I will say, "Bring on the craziness if it will bring me to the feet of Jesus."


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