Party Girl

You can say many things about me. I've been called a perfectionist, a smarty pants, a goody-two-shoes, a snob, a stick in the mud...all back in the day, of course. But one thing I've never been called (at least not with a straight face) is a party girl. However, there is one kind of party I frequent, I'm ashamed to say, and I've been trying my best to stay away from that party this week. Yes. I admit, I love a good pity party.

In the last eight days, my time away from home has consisted of one very exciting trip to Wal-mart and two visits to our pediatrician's office. All four of our lovely children have been sick with the crud and poor Lukey is still battling. I feel like I've been in the mommy trenches all week, and it ain't over yet. Let's just say I'm not going to be in the running for the Florence Nightingale award anytime soon. (Assuming there is such a thing as the Florence Nightingale award.) Nurse material I am not. But, I still have my sanity, or at least as much of it as I did before all this, and I'm thankful that we went two whole months without any sickness, though we're certainly making up for it now.

Now if anyone around here deserves a pity party, it's this little guy.

Our sweet Luke turned 3 today. I'm just guessing, but I don't think he really wanted to celebrate at the doctor's office. However, that's exaclty what we did. The whole thing was not a total loss, though, as he did score a new Hot Wheels car from the doc. He came home and had a very small Woody-Buzz party with the fam, during the middle of which he requested a nap. Chris and I realized tonight that all three of our older kids have been sick on at least one of their birthdays. Knowing us, that sounds about right. Sorry, Sam, but I'm afraid your day is coming.

Sick or not, we love our Luke. He keeps us on our toes, and keeps us laughing. He's a big ball of mischief, but it's impossible to stay mad at him for more than a minute or two. His signature move is to come up to you when you're upset or angry, tilt his head, and ask to see your "Sweet Face" as he grins this totally fake grin. He decided to end his Terrible Twos (though I don't think two is so terrible) with a bang by stuffing an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet yesterday...and flushing...while I was nursing Sam. Good times.

Luke is full of energy, says the funniest things, and loves some snacks. He has been so much fun as a two-year-old, I can only imagine what THREE will be like.

And, seeing as how I've had very little time to attend to this little blog here, I'll just sandwich two posts into one and leave you with a look at our adorable little Sam as well.

S is for Sam....

...and smooches...

...and sweet...and smiley...

...and squishy...

...and sister.

Now how could I ever justify a pity party after those pics? I really am blessed. Why do I fret or complain? Now, back to nurse duty.


  1. Happy Birthday to Luke and I hope is all better SOON!

    S is also for snuggler which is exactly what Sam looks like he would be! Makes me wish I still worked in the nursery!

    And Maddie - just beautiful.

  2. I love the pics of Sam and Maddie. They look so much alike and Maddie is so pretty! See. I read your blog and it's only like...days old.


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