Our Fill of Fun

Whew. The last two weeks have been so packed with fun that I'm actually enjoying a couple of days home with the two little guys and my washing machine. For those of you who know me, that is saying a lot. Not that I didn't enjoy all the fun we packed into the last couple of weeks, but a girl can only take so much with four kids trailing behind and chores piling up.

Since we do birthdays every other day this time of year (it seems like), last week it was time to celebrate again...times two. Our talkative oldest son, Jack, turned SIX! As with every birthday my kids celebrate, I can hardly believe it's been six years! But not just because he's "growing up so fast." I can't believe he made it six years and we're all alive to tell about it. Jack has brought us many smiles and much laughter, but he's been known to be a handful over the years as well. I always feel a little sorry for him, because he's the one that God chose as Mommy's little refining fire. If I were holier, God wouldn't have to use little Jack to teach me so very many things.

Really, though, we've become so proud of who he's become. He's as handsome as they come and such a good student. Nothing makes a parent beam with pride like getting kudos from teachers who have your children, whether at church or school or sports. He's a persistent little booger and a speaker of truth. He'll make a great preacher someday, which would thrill my soul. It seems he has learned to read overnight and can memorize some Scripture like nobody's business. And that boy has a mouth on him like you wouldn't believe...like I said, prime preacher material. With his passionate little personality, he can do great things for God if he so chooses.

Jack is even a self-proclaimed missionary. He evidently told a little girl in his class "what Christmas is really about" a few months ago. I can't tell you how rewarding it is as a parent when your child puts into practice something you have striven to teach him for so long. I've also been so thrilled, if a little surprised, at how much he loves Baby Sam. He is the first to come running when Sam cries and will sit with him and try everything imaginable to get Sam to hush. I love seeing a side of him who thinks of others before himself. I could go on and on about this little guy, but let's just say he's come a long way since that screaming Jumping Jack that about drove us to the brink six years ago. I'm rather glad that we stuck it out.

To celebrate these six exciting years, Jack had a mini-party the week before with two friends. We partied at lightening speed with a quick trip to Pump It Up and pizza at the house because we're pretty much the greatest parents ever and didn't have time for anything more. We shooed his friends out the door after a couple of hours because we had other things we just HAD to attend to. Chris had to go back to work (who said teachers always have easy hours?) and I had a very important bunco engagement. Priorities. It's what we're all about.

He did get a second family party at a local pizza place. It was pretty much the best day EVER because Chris hit the jackpot in the game room and they ended the day with over 1,000 of those little tickets. Translation: We came home with a bunch of junk that ended up in the garbage after 72 hours. But, really, the kids were thrilled. Oh, for the days when my day was deemed awesome by a handful of cheap plastic and suckers.

It was six years ago that my little brother lost his birthday hullabaloo to his crying little nephew. The day after Jack's big day is Matthew's day, but let's face it. When you're past 25 and a close kid relative has the birthday before yours, your party days are scaled way back. We celebrated with grilled meat on the bone and banana pudding. Now that's my kind of party. Forget ski ball and cheap toys. Seriously, we've been so blessed to have my brother and his super wonderful wife back on our side of the country. I have to pinch myself all the time when I think that they live no more than five minutes from our house. Yay, God! Matthew, sorry I had a kid the day before your birthday. At least I didn't wait 13 more hours.

This is getting too long, as usual, so I'll wrap up the Summary of Fun by saying I got to have a wonderful and rare weekend away, thanks to my sweet husband and oh-so-helpful mother-in-law. Sam and I went on a retreat with some of my Bible study ladies, and it was really wonderful. Sam was sweet, of course, but he did wonder all day yesterday where his other 21 ladies were that had been giving him non-stop attention for four days. Of course, it sounded more like, "WHAAAAAAA!!!", but I knew what he meant. I miss them, too, buddy. Really, I do.


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