Our Little Cabbage Patch

I will have you know that I am sacrificing my fitness, physical appearance, and sleep to bring you this blog post. Please shower me with comments saying how desperately you needed to hear from me so that my excuse for not exercising will hold a little weight (ha!). I can't just say that I'm lazy and, after two+ months of exercising regularly, I'm tired of it and just want to quit. Working out is fun for about two days when you're feeling like nothing can keep you from conquering the flab...and then the bed (or the computer) and a package of Oreos starts calling your name and you think, "Who am I kidding?" Ugh. I hate having a big belly and I hate exercising and I love dessert. Life's tough.

So, I am now going to try my best to distract myself from the guilt I'm feeling and the gut sticking out and the Oreos whispering sweet nothings in my ears, and you're all going to benefit from my laziness.

We just got back from a family mission trip to Helen, Georgia. As soon as I find more time when I'm trying not to exercise, I might give you a summary of it. Or I might never find the time and you'll have to live the rest of your lives plagued with curiosity about how we spent our spring break. I can't make any promises, people. I live a busy and exciting life...in my laundry room. The one thing I must and will tell you about our trip is that we went to Babyland General. You know, the Cabbage Patch store posing as a tourist attraction in order to get you to spend lots of money on funny-looking baby dolls.

It's really funny to me that numerous people have told us over the last several months that our very own little Sam looks like a Cabbage Patch doll. (Yes, I just said in the previous paragraph that they are funny-looking dolls.) I don't mean that once someone said it and then a few people standing around nodded in agreement. I mean that on many separate occassions, without any prompting, people will get a look of enlightenment on their face and proclaim, out of the blue, "I just figured out who he reminds me of! It's a Cabbage Patch doll."

So, when we found ourselves spreading the name of Jesus just around the corner from the famous Babyland General, where admission is free (unless you count the $40 doll your child is likely to talk you into buying), we HAD to take Sam there and get his picture made with the babies who he supposedly favors. I will admit that, though I think the dolls are funny-looking and that Sam is adorable, somehow they do look alike. And my first Cabbage Patch, Waldo, was completely bald with a big round head and bright blue eyes. And I feel like I'm back in third grade staring at Waldo all over again when Sam looks at me wide-eyed with just a hint of a smile on his face. And, yes, it's a little creepy that I've given birth to my Cabbage Patch doll in real life.

Here is the evidence. Can you tell which one is Sam? :)

And here are a few more pictures of our little baldy, just for fun.

Now I will go shove the mountain of clean laundry off of my bed and get a good night's sleep knowing that all of you got your cute baby fix and I got my Cheez-It fix, seeing as how I devoured half a box while I waited for pictures to download and avoided any physical activity. The things I do for my readers. You can thank me later.


  1. Hey, I have to shove clean laundry off my bed sometimes too. At least its not dirty laundry, that counts for something, right?

    He is adorable and much much much cuter than a Cabbage Patch Doll.

  2. Love the pics! Sam is precious and I can't believe how big he is getting. I am sure he will greatly appreciate the CPK pictures one day!

  3. Oh he is FOR SURE cuter than a Cabbage Patch Kid! I will forgive you for missing your workout and blessing us with the precious pictures!

  4. Amy he is the cutest thing! I wish he was my Cabbage Patch kid! SO CUTE!!

  5. HA HA HA!!! You always have me laughing out loud over here, Amy! I agree with everyone else...sweet Sam is WAYYY cuter than any cabbage patch kid!

  6. wedding slide show worthy!!!! He's adorable and much cuter than the CPK!!!

  7. That last pic of Sam does look exactly like a Cabbage Patch Doll! He is SO cute! I think he looks so much like Maddie. Have another and let's see if it looks like a Cabbage Patch too.


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