Just Another Day in Paradise

So many bloggy thoughts, so little bloggy time. No matter how determined I am at the start of a day, the hours seem to fly by with time for little other than being Mommy. The laundry almost ate me alive this week, and the semi-annual "changing of the closets" to the new season of clothes was almost the undoing of our family. Is there anyone else out there who gets as stressed about this as I do? I'm thinking probably not. I am so glad it's over and we can head into spring with wardrobes intact. By the way, Luke has enough clothes to outfit every three-year-old in this half of the county. Ridiculous. Sam turned six months old last week and, if I'd had time, I would have cried a bucket of tears. He is the sweetest, most kissable thing I've ever laid my hands on, and he just won't quit growing up. I love him to bits and make a regular habit of squeezing those chubby thighs. Yummy! He's a wild man already, wiggling and rolling everywhere.

The week before us promises to be as busy as ever. Jack has a special part in the much-anticipated school program, and we're in our second week of the soccer season. I can hardly believe it, but Jack actually ran toward the ball and kicked it many times in his first game of the year. It turns out that it's a lot more fun to watch the game when your kid goes toward the ball rather than running away from it and avoiding it at all costs. Who knew?

Our days are crazy and hectic, even when we're doing nothing but staying home. I try to remind myself in the middle of the mayhem that these are the best days of our lives. How can they seem so long and so short all at the same time? Tomorrow, I'll start all over again, trying to cherish the blessedness of it all. It doesn't always feel like paradise, but I know it's as close as I'll get until I reach heaven itself.


  1. Oh my goodness, what sweet pictures! Six months, how did that happen? I am loving the fat legs. Completely squishable.

    I too greatly dislike the switching out of the clothes. It is a week-long affair here at my house.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful family girl!

  3. LOVE the pictures! You have such a beautiful family...inside and out. :)


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