Show Me the Cake

We did something today that we haven’t done in a long time and that we’ve never done with all four kids. We attended a wedding. It was a little risky taking the Fantastic Four, but in my opinion they looked adorable and behaved remarkably well. The location was absolutely beautiful, the couple was charming, the ceremony was touching. It was fun having something to dress up for and we enjoyed hanging out with friends. There were unique touches that made the reception fun, and we were not disappointed by the musical selection. Included in the line-up were some great American classics that are well-loved in our family, specifically “Play that Funky Music White Boy.” All in all it made for a fun afternoon.

But I must say that a pall was cast over the whole affair for me. We stayed at that wedding for two and a half hours. Actually three because we were 30 minutes early. (Gasp! I know many of you find that hard to believe, but believe it!) And after three hours of wedding attendance, we were forced to leave without having tasted a single bite of cake! I made no secret of the fact that, while I was very happy to share in my friends’ special day, one aspect of the whole event that I was particularly looking forward to was the cake. Let’s be honest with each other. Cake is always a highlight of any wedding. But today I spent two hours standing mere feet away from two delicious-looking cakes, yet I was denied even the tiniest morsel. It would seem that the happy couple was having such a great time dancing and visiting with friends and family that the cutting of the cake was not at the forefront of their minds. I actually cannot at all identify with this way of thinking, but it was apparently the case. I mean, how could they not care that their honored guest was about to die of cake deprivation? Finally, after all that waiting, I sacrificed the eating of the cake for the good of my exhausted six-month-old. Selfless. That’s me.

The only thing that could make the whole lack of cake worse would be to find out that they cut it two minutes after our departure and that it was the most delicious wedding cake ever. If in fact that did happen, I’ll kindly ask anyone involved to spare me the pain of that harsh reality. God willing, I will actually be attending another wedding next weekend, and you’ll have to drag me out of there kicking and screaming if you think I’m leaving before they cut the cake. I just wanted to give everyone involved fair warning.

On a happier note, there was a conversation on the way home that went something like this:

Jack: Daddy, can white people marry brown people?

Daddy: Yes, Jack.

Jack: Good! That means I can marry Alece in my class.

Daddy: As long as you marry a girl and she loves Jesus, it’s fine with me.

Jack: Okay. I’ll ask Alece if she loves Jesus.

I suppose if Alece is in agreement, there could be a wedding in our future. And you better believe I’ll be eating cake - and lots of it.


  1. Now that is precious! And girl, I hope you get your cake!

  2. Love it!! We would probably turn poor little Jack's world upside down when he realizes that this vanilla mommy has chocolate boys!

    And I'm with you on the cake. I can just about gaurantee you won't have to wait on cake at next weekend's wedding. We all like food way too much! And Jenn knows that!! :)


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