Sweet Sam,

I remember so vividly that morning one year ago today when Daddy and I headed to the hospital to meet you for the first time. It didn’t matter that we’d done this three times before. Meeting you was a special miracle. Little did we know what a wonderful, sweet blessing you’d be. I also remember the day we found out you were on your way to being a part of our family. “Four kids?!” we thought, but now we know our family was not complete without you.

I want to put books on your head to keep you from growing, but I know that’s not God’s plan for you. As your mommy, I just want to keep your sweet baby sounds and precious smile and chubby little hands all to myself forever, but I know you’re mine only for a season. The Lord put you here to do great things for Him, and He just allowed me the blessing of enjoying your love, cuddles and kisses in the meantime.

You have the sweetest little disposition. Unlike your silly brothers, you are great “on the go” and will share your toothy grins with almost anyone. I love it most when you snuggle your head down on my shoulder and hold still for just a moment. Then you’re off to the races again. What a fun stage you’re in. I love the way you’re so intent on getting the job done from the moment your fat toddling feet hit the ground in the morning. You’ve got places to explore, drawers to open, baskets to dump out, toilet paper to unroll, and objects to chew on. You take your job as our little mess-maker seriously, but you don’t mind too much when I redirect you or pull those yummy too-small objects out of your mouth.

Sam, one year ago today, you made a very quick entrance into this world and into our hearts as well. Can you believe I thought I wanted a girl? Or Daddy thought our house would be too crazy? (Well, maybe he was actually right.) You’re the perfect Baby Sam for us, and I hope you don’t mind when I still call you that when you’re 45. (In case you forget, in the bathtub the other night, you did agree to me calling you my baby for the rest of my life.) I love your beautiful blue eyes, the way you love your Daddy, the smile that comes across your face when your wild siblings enter the room, and the simple fact that you’ve brought happiness to our lives more than you’ll ever know.

I pray that this is the first year of many that we’ll spend together. It sure has been a sweet one.

Love, Mommy


  1. So sweet Amy! I can't believe its already been a year... He sure is precious!

  2. Get me a spoon please! He is just precious and you can tell from the pictures what a happy baby he is. He's got a great mommy-of course he is happy!


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