Last week, I celebrated being a mama to the sweetest daughter on the planet for a whole decade. This doesn't seem possible (because of my amazingly youthful appearance), but it's true. My fat-cheeked baby girl is slowly turning into a beautiful young woman right before my very eyes. I think the Lord must not have given us another girl because the one we had was so wonderful that a second one never could have lived up to her. :)

Madeleine is our little artist who loves playing outside, getting dirty, and making works of art out of weeds, rocks, and whatever else she can get her hands on. She's unbelievably quiet, yet I can slowly see her coming out of her shell these days. Though she may do it quietly, she's not afraid to try new things. I don't believe I've ever seen her stressed out as she is extremely laid back. That can be somewhat frustrating to her Type A mother, but I'm really very thankful she is able to slow down and enjoy life much more than I've ever been able to.

She doesn't have mobs of friends, but she has a few really good, close, sweet friends. The Lord has blessed her with kind, Godly little girls to spend time with, especially her best friend since babyhood, Kenley. What a sweet relationship they have.

Maddie is a good little mama to Luke and Sam. Sometimes when I'm at my wits' end with them, she'll step in and calmly handle the situation with a grace I could never muster up. She'll make a good wife and mama someday, that's for sure. 

I know everybody thinks their kids are the best, and that's the way it should be, but I must say that I've been blessed beyond measure with a daughter who's just about as perfect as they come. I fell in love with her sweet face ten years ago and I've been in love ever since.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl.


  1. I could not agree more. She is delightful. I am so blessed to have her a part of my life.
    Maddie's Proud Grandpa.


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