I Now Pronounce You...

Honestly, how am I supposed to throw a birthday party (at my house = cleaning...yuck!), ship caterpillars all over the continental U.S., go out for yet another night out with the girls, exercise, and keep up with a blog? Aren't you impressed by my demanding life? It's tough.

Life is racing by and I can't find the time to type it all out complete with cute photos and funny quips. Not good!

Though I'm in a hurry because I must finish cleaning (so that everyone can dirty it up again at the party) and decorating (because what 10-year-old birthday party would be complete without tacky Dollar Tree decorations?), I just can't let this cute moment of life go undocumented.

I pray now for my children to be Godly spouses one day and to find people to marry who love the Lord above all else. I pray for Maddie to be a loving, submissive, quiet, gentle, respectful helper to her husband and for my boys to love the Lord above all else and love their wives as Christ loves the church. Hopefully they can see a little bit of what a Godly marriage should look like through watching me and Chris. I feel sure they can see a lot of what they shouldn't do by watching us (mainly me), too!

So, though my little ones are still fairly little (although one did just enter double digits - gasp!), I do already think about their marriages. And it seems we got a little taste of what it's like to be parents of the groom recently.

I apologize for those of you who did not receive an invitation, but it was a bit of a spur-of-the-moment wedding (not to be confused with a shotgun wedding, please) and it just wasn't feasible for everyone to attend. However, Luke did tie the knot a few weeks ago with his prissy, adorable, feisty little friend, Annabella.

They posed for some pictures, we had delicious imaginary cake, there was dancing...

and Luke was quick to ask, "Does husbands sleep with their wife-es?" To which we answered, "Well, uh..." The funny thing was they did spend the night together, but they were chaperoned by Luke's two brothers, so it was all on the up-and-up.

They like to move quick as they got married, renewed their vows, had several children, and quickly figured out the who-bosses-who-around thing all in one night.

Is it just me or do the parents of the bride look a little worried?
 It was a fabulous occassion. Wish you could have been there! Maybe in twenty years they'll do it for real, and if you play your cards right, you might get the invite. :)


  1. Oh no! I can't show these pictures to Katherine, she will be too upset. She thinks that SHE is going to marry Luke too! :-)

  2. This blog post=AMAZING and PRICELESS!!!!!!! I so love it and you are so making me look bad! I've been saying for a few years I'm going to start a blog to help document every little memory of my kiddos. Looks like you have encouraged me to start today. Oh how I will miss the sweet Vitters, what one of a kind Godly people! -Jenn Bowen

  3. We love this, thanks so much for the commentary. What a fun night, and that look on our face is worry because we want Annabella to be a sweet, loving submissive wife and I think she has the roles reversed. We love and miss you guys! Robert, Lara, Annabella Bond and Priscilla


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