Sam Turns Two (Down on the Farm)

One month ago today, my little baby Sam turned TWO! And seeing that he's the fourth child, it has taken me a whole month to commemorate his special day in bloggy world. If I was a fabulous special occassion mom, I would have planned a big shabang for my little man. As it is, I am not the greatest at making special occassions feel special. Enter Nana and Aunt Patty. (Grandma is usually a contributor of the special days, but she was special occassioning it with the oldest grandson on this particular weekend. So Sam lucked out and got two fun weekends in a row!)

When deciding how we should celebrate the Terrific Two, we wanted to do something that involved Sam's favorite activity...running around with nobody stopping him. So, Nana thought the Pumpkin Patch seemed like a good idea, and Sam concurred. Seeing as it wasn't even October yet, the farm we visited was delightfully uncrowded and somewhat humid and sweaty. I wasn't complaining, though, because the last time I was there, my teeth were chattering and my chin was numb.

Maddie, Jack, and Luke ran around in cotton. I guess that's a southern thing.

Sam loved petting the animals. The ducks, chicks, and bunnies were pretty cute, and only mildly stinky.

You'll notice Luke wasn't enjoying the petting with his siblings. That is due to his imaginary duck allergy. I suppose since Jack is allergic to pretty much everything, Luke didn't want to miss out. He tried out a few different allergies and then settled on ducks. (Elephants didn't work out since that would infringe on his zoo trips.) I suppose it was dramatic enough without infringing on too many fun activities or yummy foods. He is very conscientious when it comes to duck exposure and quickly removed himself from the barn when he realized ducks were in there. He patiently waited outside on the hay bale for us to get finished. You might think it a little odd that I don't just tell him he's not allergic to ducks, but I've tried. Apparently, he thinks I'm a liar.

We didn't realize that Emily is a goat whisperer.

Chris was clearly the coolest guy at the Pumpkin Patch.

At this particular Patch, everyone's admission automatically includes a pumpkin. Can I tell you that finding ten perfect pumpkins can be quite time consuming?

The day really was lots of fun...entertaining and low stress. What more can you ask for in a birthday celebration?

Oh, and there were outhouses...

After loading up our ten pumpkins, we zoomed back to the house for a little Elmo party. This is where Aunt Patty helped save the day. She came over the day before and spent the better part of her day decorating the apple spice birthday cake I made. If it had been up to No Fun Mom, it would have been a rectangle with a plastic Elmo toy on top. Sam was pretty excited when he saw it and then pretty ticked that we wouldn't let him have any for over 24 hours. What a rookie mom mistake! You think I'd be past that by now.

Our sweet Sam is loved by all. I'm so glad that God's plans for our family included this funny, lovable little boy. He's certainly a stinker, but I don't think a single one of us would trade him in. He brings so much fun and laughter (and climbing and mess-making) to our home. 

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sam-I-Am!!


  1. Happy Late Birthday Sam! I so understand about the fourth child. James hasn't had a "real" birthday party yet and he is turning six soon. Your pictures are great.

    I guess if you are going to have an allergy a duck one is a good one to have.


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