Happy Snow Day to You

I must say that January  really gave its best shot at redeeming itself. It came in with the big guns on Thursday...Chris's birthday and a snow day. You know, we don't like to do boring, run-of-the-mill gifts around here, so we went straight for the snow. You get to have a fun time playing in it, plus the ultimate bonus for a teacher...early dismissal and late arrival. The only downside was leftovers for his birthday dinner since the roads were a bit too icy to go out.

Luke could barely wait for the big kids to get home so he could go out and play in the snow, so we got a little preview on the back deck. I suppose I could have taken him out before they arrived, but that would require me to be cold for more than 10 seconds.

I had high hopes for Sam's first big boy snow experience. I really thought he'd love it. Yeah, it turns out I was completely wrong. Apparently cold and wet is not his favorite combo.

You can clearly see that Daddy is the fun snow playmate. Mommy is the photographer. It turns out "Watch out! I've got the camera" is the perfect excuse to stay clear of flying snowballs.

Jack spent 85% of his time in the snow eating it. That hurts my clean-loving heart. It's just gross, considering it wasn't that deep. But, like any cool mom, I just let him do it.

I'm completely convinced there is nothing cuter than a baby bundled up for cold weather.

The three Bond crew members with winter birthdays have now celebrated with snow. I think the other three of us are out of luck, unless the next ice age comes around while we're still here.

That bright spot in the middle of this dreary month is now fading a little. We're back to Germ City, but the sun that was peeking out in the above photo after weeks of absence is still hanging around. It's amazing what a little sunshine will do for you, even when circumstances haven't changed so much.

And isn't it sweet of the Lord to give us these reflections of him and his truth in creation all around us? Germy days aren't quite so bad when we've been washed whiter than snow and we're able to face the same old circumstances with Jesus shining his light of hope on them.

Plus, there's always the hope of spring...


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