Supermom: MIA

Supermom has struck again. Not here. But I'm sure she struck somewhere on this Valentine's Day. It was Last-Minute Mom who struck here. The great thing about Last Minute Mom, though, is that she's great at keeping her kids totally oblivious to her last minute antics. LM Mom's theory is as follows: Keep their expectations low. Then anything is a wonderful surprise. Feel free to steal my LM Mom's philosophy for your next decorative wall plaque.
Here we have a pitiful birthday boy. My sweet baby Luke turned five this week. I held back the tears, but I have a feeling I'm just storing them up for the day he starts school. I'll be honest. I've always had a special little bond with this boy. He loves his mama and his mama loves him. And this baby has been sick all birthday week long. 
Now what you see here is a little stinker. Just look at him. Oh, he is trouble. But I love him to bits and wish he could stay two forever. There. I said it. Tomorrow is sure to be full of Terrible Twoness.

Now, on to Valentine's Day. I know that, in theory, it would be great if I posted these (rather lame) ideas before V Day, but that would totally go against my LM Mom philosophy. It's pretty much impossible for me to pass along ideas before the big day when I don't even start thinking about it until 10:57pm on February 13.

So I spent Day 4 at home with sick kids getting ready for our homemade Valentine's shindig.

 And taking pictures of this little nut.


After one of their favorite meals (honey glazed chicken, with brown rice and raw broccoli - not one of their favorites), we played a little Valentine Bingo, using m&m's, Skittles, and conversation hearts for the game pieces.

Then we sent Sam to the bathtub, so that we could play a round of Valentine Memory without Mr. Grabby Hands. After a critical mistake in the last round by Luke, Maddie squeaked by with the victory.

To top off the Free Night of Valentine Fun, the kids went on a Scavenger Hunt, which led to this plate of yummies. Though they liked the cookies, they loved the hunt and were pretty adorable doing it together. As soon as they got done, they begged to do it again. But somehow it's just not the same the second time around. So they settled for a cookie...or two.

So, for one more year, Last Minute Mom pulled through. We'll see how long she can keep this up.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. SuperMom did not come by house either. Although you look like Supermom compared to me. Your shindig would have been over the top here :). I got my big boys a giant size Hershey bar and the younger two got Val Peeps. Fortunely Jill came through and sent them real Val candy home with Mark yesterday.

    Oh, and I love you SO MUCH bc Sam is wearing Christmas pjs on Val Day!!!!!!!

    1. Wendy, that is so funny! I hadn't even thought of the pj thing. Well, when you wear pjs all day every day, you eventually pull out the Christmas ones! Ha! And Aunt Emily came by with giant heart balloons, too. These aunts know how to save the day.


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