Your Part for This ONE

This world is so full of suffering and heartache, that it's easy to be overwhelmed, which often paralyzes us. I know in my daily life when four kids are all asking for something different, the dryer is buzzing, the bread is burning, and the phone is ringing, it sometimes just stops me in my tracks. I'm completely immobilized by all the demands, unsure of which direction to move next. If only I was a telepathic octopus (you know, more arms would come in handy). But I'm not. Okay, I'm kind of glad. That would be weird.

When I find myself in those situations, I remind myself that I do not have to, nor can I, get all these things done at once. So I have to make a choice to do the next thing. Sometimes the next thing is what is most the two-year-old has fallen in the toilet. That would take priority, as long as no one else is gushing blood, I guess. Other times, it's the thing closest to me. If I can get to it without climbing over four protesting children, I might just decide to go with convenience. And still other times, I might choose something that has eternal value over something that has only temporal value.

My point is, so many times the only way to deal with the paralyzing feeling that great need brings over us is to do the next thing. Do the thing right in front of you. Do the thing that's most important. Do something to help someone, though it might seem small. Take a step of intentional obedience in the small, and many times the faith and opportunities that seem more significant will present themselves later.

Last night, I saw a post someone had shared on facebook, which included a photo of twin boys in China. They have a physical disability and, sadder still, they are orphans. That one photo had me perusing a whole blog post devoted to orphans who are desperately in need of a family before it is too late. Needless to say, I was quickly overwhelmed with sadness and frustration at being unable to do anything to help all those children.

I cannot do it all. I cannot do much of anything right now...or can I? It feels to me, a human with very limited vision, that I am doing nothing. The Enemy would have me believe that I can do nothing. Or that what little I can do is like a grain of sand on a vast beach, so why bother?

But those are lies.

The truth is this: The Lord has put in my very family a child to be adopted. She will not live in my home, but she will live in the heart of my family. She will be a part of our everyday lives that, one day soon, we will not be able to imagine being without. She is my niece.

We can all be a part of easing the heartache for some. Maybe not for all, but that is not our job. Today, do something that seems so small, so insignificant, that it's easy to bypass the opportunity. It feels like you're doing almost nothing, but let me assure you, you will be doing something. You will be playing a part in encouraging these parents, in providing for this child, and in giving a little of what you've been blessed with to bless another.

Just buy a t-shirt. Right here.

But do more than that. Support my new modeling career.

Okay, not that.

Pray for this family. Pray that God would make a way, doing something miraculous in their lives.

I'm sorry if it feels like I'm pulling on your heartstrings just to make a buck. To me, it's become more than a buck. It's become our part. Our part in God's plan to ease the heartache...both now and forever.


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