Happy Turkey Day

Warning: Serious cheesiness to follow

I think it's so appropriate for our nation to have our very own holiday designated for giving thanks, for we have so much to be thankful for. We have received God's blessings in amazing ways for many years now. How sad that those who are so blessed are often the very ones who forget to say "Thank you." Evidently, it's easy to do. Think of the 10 lepers that Jesus healed, only one of whom returned to show his gratitude. Their miracle had just been given to them, and they just went on their way without even saying, "Thanks."

Since I am one of these abundantly blessed people and I don't want to neglect showing my gratitude, I will stop for a moment to give thanks for...

three healthy children
a roof over my head
a table filled with food
and my soft, snuggly bed

a husband full of grace
family always by my side
winter days by the fire
and warm pumpkin pie

good books to get lost in
a night out with friends
a God whose love is perfect,
whose faithfulness never ends

beautiful fall leaves
the crisp autumn air
a healthy body
a head full of hair

a car that still runs
flip-flops for my feet
a Savior whom one day
in heaven I'll meet

Christmas trees full of light
a heart no longer blemished
the fact that this poem
is finally finished


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