A Thankful Heart

In the spirit of this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday which I do love so, I am going to share something for which I am very thankful and quite fond of. Naturally, I am very thankful for my family, my home, food on our table, a car to drive, and I plan on posting about that closer to the Big Day. However, today I'd like to focus on a place which is very near and dear to my heart. Publix.

There are days when I wonder how I lived life for more than a quarter of a century without this delightful grocery store. You might argue that for many of those years I was a mere child and could not value the existence of such a place. But I would tell you to look at my three children. Listen to their squeals of delight as we pull into the parking lot. Witness Luke's excitement as we near the door to pick up our space ship buggy. (It's NOT a pretty picture if they're all taken.) Watch as they wiggle with anticipation the closer we get to the bakery counter where they will receive their free cookie. I'm not sure who loves the cookies more - me or them. I don't actually eat the cookies (except for the occasional sneaky bite), but I adore them for their ability to keep my children quiet and content for at least the first few aisles of our trip. So, I now realize that I lived a deprived childhood as I visited Food World in Huffman. Yuck.

As an adult, however, I do have an even fuller and more wonderful appreciation for this grocery store. There is something so enjoyable about purchasing pretty fruit and wholesome veggies from such an organized produce section. There is something calming about walking up and down the aisles of neatly displayed food where there is usually an employee greeting you and offering any assistance you might need. And then it's just so fun searching out the great BOGO (buy one get one free, for you grocery shopping amateurs) deals. You just never know what might be on sale. Because we all know that food you get for a really great price tastes so much better! And it's even more yummy when you know you have a coupon for it - that they'll double. I'm sorry, but Sara Lee apple pie for $.70 is extra delicious. And ten Sister Schubert's rolls for $1.50 taste so much better than if I paid over $3 for them.

The best moment happens as I stand in the check out line, chatting with the friendly workers who are appreciating my children's obvious cuteness, and watching the amount spent go down as the amount saved goes up while my coupons are being scanned. (I will say that I am not one of these super coupon women that can come out with 50 items for a total of $2. I typically save and spend about the same amount on a good day.) And then the blessed moment arrives when the bagger insists on helping me to my oh so cool minivan with my groceries - which means I don't even have to take the cart back. Then I savor the satisfaction of an hour well-spent, a task accomplished, and money saved. It's back home to anticipate the next Wednesday when I will open up the weekly Publix ad and peruse the great deals I won't be able to pass up for the next week.

Ahhh, it's the simple things in life. Do they have Publix in the Caribbean? Wait. Don't answer that.


  1. Wait a minute-you shopped at Food World in Huffman too?? That is where we always bought groceries. I bet we probably saw each other there sometime in our past. In middle school, Jill and I loved to go and check out the cute bag boys! :-)
    And yes, I love Publix too. Did you know they will also give your kids a slice of turkey in the deli too? I have never asked, but they offered one for Katherine one time. It really is all about the little things!


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