Beware: Rambling Road Ahead

Let me just say that I love me some watermelon. (And there's very little risk of incurring any type of burns to your hands while preparing or eating it.) I splurged, spent $2.00 on a quarter of a small seedless watermelon, then promptly ate it all when I got home tonight. I did have to share some with Jack, but I did it very begrudgingly and only because he guilted me into it. That's one thing I find very annoying about having children - having to share my food with them. There are not many things about my beloved Jack that actually make my life easier, but the fact that he doesn't like chocolate is one of them. At our house, Reese's Cups are the perfect junk food. Maddie doesn't like peanut butter and Jack doesn't like chocolate, so I only have to fight Chris for them. I can't remember the last time I actually ate one, but knowing I could do so without little vultures circling around me is comforting.

I do foresee lots of money spent on watermelon this summer. It's always one of my favorite summertime foods, but it's tricky. They're usually expensive and you never know if you're going to get a good one. So, I usually only buy a couple each summer, being the stingy girl that I am. However, pregnancy sounds like the perfect excuse to splurge on that juicy red fruit that I'm craving so much. Oh, dear. All this watermelon talk has me wanting more already.

While craving and eating watermelon, our summer plans have been brewing in my head. Since Chris is a teacher, we like to be total bums in the summer, and we usually can. Library trips (which have now become a headache - long story), afternoons at the pool, special outings to places like Spring Valley Beach, playdates with friends, bowling on $1.50 days, free movies. Endless fun and laziness. Today, though, he kept talking about all this stuff he has to work. He really rained on my parade. So, tomorrow, my list-making, anal self will have to create my Summer 2010 calendar and see just how he's going to fit in all this work he's talking about in the midst of all the fun plans I've already started making. The nerve of him, really.

Speaking of summertime bummers, Chris will be gone for two entire weeks this summer, guessed it. Work. I mean, what's all this stuff I've always heard about teachers having the summer off? So, as I was surviving my last few days of single parenting, all I could think was that it was a only a tiny taste of those two weeks looming ahead of me. We did all survive the last few days with Daddy away, but it was a close call for Jack. By Tuesday afternoon, he was hanging onto his life by the skin of his teeth. Please put him on your prayer list now for those two weeks this summer. I guess you could also pray for Maddie and Luke, that they don't get caught in the crossfire. In the midst of raging tempers, there was at least one flying object yesterday, but I wouldn't want to name names and embarrass anyone by mentioning who threw it.

Thankfully, Jack is still around, because tomorrow night he will be walking in his graduation ceremony. Does anyone else find a K-4 graduation ceremony to be a little bit silly? I mean, he gets through one year of preschool and gets a whole ceremony for it? That kind of sets their expectations a little high. Does anyone explain to them that they will have to work, toil, and strive for thirteen more years before they are honored in such a way again? It just doesn't seem quite right. But, he is very excited, and says he is going to look extremely handsome. In fact, he says he will look so handsome and will be wearing such a clever disguise that he doesn't even think we'll know who he is. I'm going to be looking for the boy who can't stop talking. I think that'll tip me off.

I think that covers it all. Watermelon, the fact that my husband has to actually work for a living, and Jack's pomp and cirmcumstance. Yep. That's all the important stuff from my very exciting life. I'll be sure to keep you all posted on how much watermelon I decide to eat. And there's no extra charge for entertaining you with this suspenseful topic while boring summer reruns are on tv. It's my pleasure.


  1. You make me laugh out loud-even your rambling is funny. Can you make me a summer schedule too? I am not a planner like that. And we would love to be included in some of your plans :-). And I can even take y'all to the library with us and I won't even make you pay!

  2. Well, I am a total watermelon hog...LOVE them, and don't even have the pregnancy excuse! I get one every week, so when you run out or you just can't add it on to that long grocery list, head over here...we've always got some :)

    I've also been meaning to ask, where did you go for the sunday school picnic the river? That looks like a great place and I want to add it to my summer plans of "fun places to go".


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