There's a Watermelon in My Belly

I'd really like to say that I have some deep thoughts to share today, especially as I'm only a few days away from my first class at Lovelady, where I hope the Holy Spirit gives me lots of good material. However, Chris has just come home from two weeks out of town (with a couple of days' break in the middle) and I think my brain has officially turned off for the next 24-48 hours. I've been at my peak of mental sharpness for days, determined to keep things running smoothly at home, but the second he walked through the door, my body, mind, and soul breathed a huge sigh of relief and clocked out. The kids were mostly naked when he arrived, but they were playing happily, so that's a plus. I was not screaming at them at the top of my lungs, which I may have done for just a few minutes yesterday, and Luke's nose had stopped bleeding from its recent impact with the floor, so things were going pretty well. All in all, I think Chris was as glad to be home as we were to have him here. Now we can get on with our summer.

Speaking of summer, I have recently made a discovery. It's something that I had always assumed and heard from others, but now I can say with certainty. Summer in Alabama is not the best time or place to be pregnant. I have been very whiny and complained a lot...especially in my head, but sometimes out loud...and have generally felt fat, hot, and yucky. I laid in bed the other night reminding myself of what it was like ten years ago wanting desperately to be pregnant and not knowing if I ever would be. And here I've gotten to experience the miracle of pregnancy FOUR times! Still, the fact remains that the fourth time is just not quite as magical as the first was.

Since I still have 3+ months left before this baby arrives and I start complaining about how much I hate the 6-8 weeks after giving birth, I thought I should make more of an effort to appreciate this pregnancy. So, I have compiled a list of positives about having a summer pregnancy.

1. Watermelon...Seedless Watermelon, to be exact. Why do we not show more gratitude for the presence of the seedless watermelon in our lives? The one big problem with the lovely fruit of watermelon has been solved! And now I can be sure that the reason I have a huge belly is NOT because I swallowed a watermelon seed.

2. I can dress like a giant watermelon and match my favorite summertime snack. (Please note: Maddie took this ever-so-flattering picture of me, took one look at it on the camera, and said, "Perfect." I hated to disagree, so I just smiled.)

3. I can wear my polka-dotted swimsuit and not worry about my belly hanging out. It's expected, and even "cute" evidently.

4. We don't have to keep up with our normal, busy schedule, which leaves me plenty of time to lay around on the couch and rest. Wait, that was just in my dreams last night before I was abruptly awakened with demands for cereal and milk at 7am.

5. I can wear flip-flops day in and day out, not having to worry about those lovely lines on my swollen legs where my socks have been all day. Absolutely disgusting.

6. Since it's so hot, I don't have to actually spend time and energy getting Luke dressed. If I can get the diaper on him, we're good to go. I mean, if I'm barefoot and pregnant in Alabama, I may as well have a kid running around in nothing but a saggy diaper, too. If you're going to go redneck, go all out, I say.

7. Swimming. Not only is getting in the pool a great relief from the summertime heat, but I feel so much lighter! It's only when I have to hoist myself up the ladder that I start to regain the feeling of carrying around a bowling ball in my midsection.

And that, my friends, is all this watermelon-bellied girl can come up with. But I'm sure there are plenty of other wonderful things that I just can't think of right now because my pillow is calling my name. Or maybe that's the washing machine. They sound so much alike to me.


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