Autumn, Autumn, Wherefore Art Thou, Autumn?

Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year. The long shadows, the boldly blue sky, the cool nights, the smell of fire, the changing leaves, the pumpkin recipes, the festivals, and the decor made up of rich colors just thrill my soul. I've loved it since childhood and, though the other three seasons have good points about them, I just have a special sense of happiness and anticipation when fall is in the air.

The bad thing about fall, in Alabama at least, is that it can be somewhat of a tease. The season officially begins this week, but above the bouncing, animated announcement of "fall" on the seven-day weather forecast was the number 95. Seriously? September is a cruel month. Football begins, warm, comfy clothes make their debut in stores, you begin to see advertisements for fall festivals, and plans are being made for costumes that short (and some tall) people love to wear on that certain holiday which is the one part of fall I don't care for. However, you continue to be covered in sweat when you attempt to enjoy the outdoors while the sun is up and the a/c is still running all day. This summer has been especially brutal and seems it will never end, especially coming from the perspective of being nine months pregnant. The one thing I have a truly hard time forgiving September for is that teaser weekend we had a few weeks ago. You know the one, when it dropped below 90 degrees for a couple of days and we woke up to crisp mornings in the 50's. It was just downright mean of September to do that to us, only to return to these hot summer-like days with no end in sight.

However, there is still the unmistakable promise of autumn in the mornings and evenings. The air is slightly less stifling and the sun is a little lower in the sky. It seems that these last few weeks have gone in slow motion in our house. The anticipation of autumn's arrival coupled with the anticipation of one new little family member's arrival have made me feel like a five-year-old waiting on my birthday party. But, I'm not five. Being just a little older than that, I have the perspective that only age can bring. Before we know it, we will be bundled up in the evenings, enjoying pumpkin pie, and holding a newborn in our arms. So, being the wise, mature person I am, I am making every attempt to enjoy these lingering days of summer and these last moments as a family of five.

We have been able to emerge from the air conditioning in the evenings and enjoy the warm, but not stuffy, evenings, playing with the "big kids" without having to stop and take care of a snuggly new one. Rather than wish these warm, fun days away, I decided to capture them and try my best to cherish them...

before they're gone.


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