I Think Maybe It's Time for Bed

Oh, the agony! I'm so tired and my brain has turned off, but I still need to sweep and exercise. And if someone would please show up at my house with a meal plan for the next five years, including exactly when I need to cook everything or freeze everything to make my life flow so easily as it appears to for people with blogs full of pretty photos of food, recipes, and organization. But I also need someone to come and take all the food away when I just want to keep eating and eating even though I'm not hungry. Right now I want to go sit on the couch with a big huge bowl of something containing lots of sugar and read a book. But I'd fall asleep and wake up tomorrow morning feeling like a big, lazy blob of jiggly goo.

Okay, now that all of that junk is out of my system....hmmmm....seems that's all I've got. My broom is propped up next to me taunting me and sticking its tongue out at me. And I just made the mistake of asking Chris, "What's that?" about about an engineering thing. Why do I always forget that I either cannot or simply don't want the real answer when it comes to that stuff? I don't mean that in an ugly way at all. I just mean that when your eyelids are being held up by toothpicks while a household cleaning tool is being a jerk to you, your brain really isn't capable of handling complex explanations that involve words like thermodynamics. Okay, he didn't actually use that word just now, but I can't even remember the words he did use!

Have I mentioned that he is pursuing what could possibly be the answer to his calling from the Lord and that it's wonderful and exciting and impossible and scary? Have I? I can't remember if it's ever come up, but one day I'm going to do a wonderful post about the whole thing and it will make you ooh and aah and feel all happy inside. But not tonight because there is only mush inside my head. Obviously.

I'm happy to report that Luke has urinated exclusively inside the house in the last 48 hours, as far as I know, and no urine has made it above his waist. Plus, he is becoming a genius overnight thanks to the LeapFrog Letter Factory dvd. I'm a believer, people. I'm thinking we could just skip 4K and keep watching the $10 dvd and using the little LeapFrog writing toy we got him for Christmas. What do you think? I'm not ready to let those dimples out of my sight for three half-days a week!

I am going to end the torture that I just put you through for the last however long it took you to scan my drivel and see that it was worthless. Can I just recommend you read the chapter in Ezekiel about the dry bones? I would totally pick up the Bible that is sitting right next to me, but I'm afraid that Sword is the only thing holding my evil broom back from attacking me. It's somewhere in the 30's or something...I'm talking about the chapter in Ezekiel. But what an amazing picture of what the Lord has done for us! But for Him we'd be a bunch of dry bones lying lifeless in a valley of death. Okay, I do feel a little like a dried up old pile of bones right now, but that's nothing a little sleep and a good vacation won't fix. Or maybe just some time in the Word...if I dare remove the barrier between me and that broom. Oh, I guess I'll just go sweep.


  1. Love the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD-it really does teach kids their letters and quickly at that. Go to bed and get some rest, the crumbs will still be there tomorrow!

  2. Oooooh Amy! Thanks for keeping it real! You make me feel like I'm not the worst mom in the world. Clearly, I've met my equal-ahaha! Kidding, of course. Back off people! I love you! I hope today was better!


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