The Weekend

Oh, how the weekends fly by! For once, we had a Friday and Saturday with no major plans. Jack and his basketball crew had one last walloping to take. Once again, we lost by over 20 points. The great thing about being a kid: Jack announced the day before the game that this was the National Championship game and they were going to win! Now that's positive thinking...or a firm belief in miracles. Sadly, no miracle occurred but Jack didn't seem to care. We were all quite relieved when the final buzzer sounded and we could call an end to a very brutal season. And then we went straight to soccer registration. Gluttons for punishment.

We spent a quiet rainy afternoon at home doing very exciting things like baking bread, cooking a chicken in the crockpot, and playing Star Wars Operation. The force was with me, so my bread turned out once again. Maddie made snickerdoodle bars and can I say that she did it pretty much on her own and they were yummy! I was a little bit proud. Now why I think you care about this, I don't know.

All I've got is one cute Lukeyism to leave you with. Yesterday, Luke announced that he wanted to get "bathtized." When we asked him why he wanted to be bathtized, he answered, "So I can have that little cracker and that little juice." I'm thinking that's not the right reason, but it sure was cute.


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