Jack Attack

Today is my sweet Lukey's fourth birthday! Am I the only mom who wants to burst into tears after a statement like that? Oh, I love that boy. But for some strange reason, I've actually put a little post together about another boy in my house. Maybe I'm just trying to keep everybody confused since most people get them mixed up anyway. They look so much alike, but my two biggest boys are really pretty different. They keep us smiling (and sometimes crying) in their own little ways.

Jack is a wealth of information and will gladly share it with you whether you’re interested or not. So, I’ll gladly pass some little tidbits along to you, whether you’re interested or not. But I’m sure you are.

A while back, Jack got all worked up about aliens and UFOs. I’m not really sure where all of this came from, but it must have been school because there’s not usually a whole lot of alien talk around our house. Well, now that I think about it, Chris did turn them onto ALF reruns a while back. Wherever it originated, he was frequently worried about the possibility of alien abduction or attack. No matter how many times we assured him they don’t exist, he would not believe us. He would show up at our bedside at all hours of the night unable to sleep because the alien fear was too much for him.

So, one day, Chris is riding down the road with Jack when he brings up aliens again. Once again, Chris tells him, in no uncertain terms, to let go of the whole thing. Jack replies, “Then why are all these signs everywhere that say we should Keep Alien Fur?” Chris looks out the window and sees a campaign sign encouraging voters to “Keep Alan Furr.” After Chris read the sign to Jack correctly, we haven’t heard much about aliens around here.

A couple nights ago, Jack shared a more useful tidbit of info with us that I will pass along to you out of the goodness of my heart and my concern for your safety. He said, “Mama and Daddy, if you hear somebody knocking on the door in the middle of the night, don’t answer it. That’s when the robbers come.”

To which I replied, “Jack, I don’t think robbers usually knock.”

He looked at me like I’d lost my mind and said, “Then how do they get in if the door’s locked?”

Later that same night, we were riding down the road. Jack had been quiet, which I can assure you is unusual. Suddenly, he asked, “Mama, do you want to know what I’m always thinking about in the front of my brain? I think about everything else in the back, but there’s always this same thing in the front.”

Me: “What, Jack?”

He answered, “God. He’s always what’s in the front of my brain. And everything else just stays in the back.”

“Me too, Jack!”

Hard to believe he’s losing top teeth, spending the night with friends and reading like a champ. The thought of the day when all these cute things stop coming out of his mouth makes me sad.


  1. I hope I always keep God at the front of my brain too. He sounds like a hoot! And happy birthday Luke!

  2. Wise words from your four year old! Happy Birthday Jack!

  3. HA! I laughed out loud about the alien fur. HILARIOUS!

  4. Amy, I guess I should tell you that I sent Alan Furr the excerpt from your blog. He is going to get the biggest kick out of that! :)


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