We've just had a little spurt of "firsts" around here lately. You know, those little events you commemorate in your child's life, or those moments that usher in a new phase of life, or the times that you hope the first time will also be the last. Yep, we've pretty much covered the gamut in the last few weeks.

Let's start with the bad because we'd rather end with the good, right? Last week marked the first time anyone in our little family had to use crutches to get around. When Chris does something, he likes to give it all he's got. Apparently, that includes his tendons and other important parts of his foot when leading game time with the preschoolers at church. It's no wonder they all love Mr. Chris so. Sadly, Mr. Chris will be absent from game time activities henceforth and hopefully from the orthopedist's office as well.

There were a few dark days in our house of mommy driving, hauling, and maintaining everything and everybody. Thankfully, in God's great mercy, He has brought quick healing and hopefully that nasty word that I heard the doctor say last week that begins with "s" and ends with "urgery" is absolutely off the table at this point. This would be the "first" that we hope is also the "last."

Maddie is about to hit double digits. I don't know if that is worse or the fact that I'm nearly halfway to 70. It all seems like I'm looking in on someone else's life, because I'm pretty sure I'm still in my late 20's and my one and only baby girl is just that...a baby. Ironically, it was when I was holding her like a baby tonight (just to see if I could still pick her up) and telling her how I used to watch her sleep when she was a baby, that I got a whif of something I could not believe. I even accused Chris of it being him.

Then the awful reality of what my nose was telling me sank in...she had b.o. No! A child that I have given birth to could not possibly be to the point of having body odor. I mean, little kids stink...that outside, dirt, and maybe even a little sweat stink...but body odor? I quickly sat her down, told her good night, and left the room contemplating the possibility that I might need to go on antidepressants. It was a first that hit me like a ton of bricks! Stinky bricks! Life will definitely never be the same.

Here's a fun first: Jack showed up to his soccer game last Saturday and did something that left us all floored. He played soccer! I mean, he's been "playing soccer" for three years now, but this time he actually went for the ball and repeatedly kicked it in the direction of the goal, even when an opponent was trying to steal it from him. Not only that...he scored FOUR goals! We'd jokingly told him before the game that we'd take him to Milo's for lunch if he scored five goals. Judging from years past, we saw this as a pretty safe bet. He called our bluff! Okay, he didn't score five, technically, but he might as well have scored a hundred! Oddly enough, it's more fun to watch a 40-minute soccer game when your kid is actually trying. Way to go, Jack!

Okay, it looks like I'm doing a roll call of family firsts here, but I can't think of any firsts Lukey has achieved here lately. Well, unless you count the first time his tummy has ever had a headache. Poor guy. Oh, I've got one! It's not too exciting for you, probably, but he is finally buckling his car seat all by himself! That is very exciting for a mama who has another little one to wrestle, uh, I mean buckle, in! Now, it takes about four times longer than it should, but we can pick up the speed later.

Last, but certainly not least, is our sweet Sam. He is growing too fast. He's throwing out new little words like outside, go, and book. "Puppy" is an all-time favorite and that little chirpy "Mommy" is always going when we're in the car. I love, love, love it. His adorable little voice and smile totally make the constant battle of "don't stand up in that chair" worth it.

But the big first for Sam lately was saying goodbye to the beloved and much-envied rat tail. I have fought for months the fact that his little baby hair was a little out of control. I fondly remember Maddie's little mullet that she sported around this age. Babies can totally pull of rat tails, mullets, fat legs and big round bellies like a grown-up never could. But, since he was about to be 18 months old (gasp!), I gave in. I'm not sure if I regret it or not.

Baby Makeover: Before


(our tactic to get him to cooperate can be summed up in one word: cookie)


Either way, he's pretty much the sweetest thing around.


  1. Amy, okay laughing so hard at the BO thing. It is quite a shock, isn't it? After all, they are supposed to be sweet little things that smell like baby shampoo. I forget lots of things when I leave the house but I usually remember to yell, "Did everyone put on deo this morning?" Never thought I would have to yell that.

    And yes, Sam is adorable with a capital A.


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