Glory Days Revisited

I have spent the last thirty minutes proving to myself that I know absolutely nothing about blogs, html, computers, or the internet. Sometimes life seems so little that you just get a hankering for something to be grand. But, obviously, this little blog is not going to be grand anytime soon. I suppose since at least once a month I contemplate just ditching the whole silly thing, I shouldn't put too much time or work into it. So, it's generic still.

I did something this week that I haven't done since my college days. And no, it's not passing out from being drunk (obviously you didn't know me in college if that's what you thought). I know you'd think that was just a few years ago by looking at me, but it's actually been - eek! - over a decade. Wait, is that right? I'm having one of those moments when I can't remember what year it is or how old I am or when anything important in my past happened. I think my brain just goes haywire trying to process all this unbelievable info. You're how old? You've been married since when? You're planning what reunion? Not possible.

So, okay...married in '98 and now it's 2012, right? Somebody stop me if I'm in the wrong century. Oh, dear. I've been out of college a long time, which means it's been over a decade since I set foot in an exercise class. No wonder I was dreading going to one a couple of days ago! I'm not scared of nearly as many things as I used to be. My list has definitely come down at least a couple hundred from the 19,457 things I was scared of in college. But with so much time having passed since I last exercised where other people could see me, "working out in public, especially when it involves dancing with hip movements" has been put back on the list of things that make my stomach hurt.

My sweet, encouraging friend talked me into this whole thing, and I really thought it would be fun...until I was on my way. Then I was thinking something more like, "What in the world was I thinking? I'm going to be the oldest, most uncoordinated dork there and my old, faded yoga pants are shameful!" But instead of turning my car around to work out in the blissfully lonely basement of my house, I put on my cool as a cucumber face and waltzed in there like I didn't have a fear in the world. Okay, I did admit to the first person I recognized that I was a little nervous about being there, but I'm sure everyone else in the room thought I was a cucumber. Or something like that.

All in all, it was totally fine (as things we're afraid of usually are). I wasn't the oldest or the least coordinated. I mean, not that others there weren't coordinated, but I didn't stick out so much that people began laughing at me so uncontrollably they could no longer do the grapevine. Or maybe everyone was stifling their laugther. But I'm pretty sure they were all just trying to breathe and keep up with the hip shake things we had to do.

When it was done, I wanted to come back. Who wouldn't want to relive their glory days on the high school dance line every week of their life? 'Cause that's kind of what it felt like. I mean, I'm sure everyone there could tell I had been a performer at one point. It's pretty obvious when I start shaking those hips and rollin' down the river. I just hope no one else was so intimidated that they won't be coming back.

Sadly, my soccer mom duties kept me from attending again tonight, so it was back to the basement and the boring workout video for me. But don't you worry. Come next Tuesday, I'll be workin' on my muscles and shakin' my stuff. Funny, though. Seems like there's a lot more to shake these days than back in 1994. I'm sure I'm just imagining things.


  1. Well, I know for a fact I have lots more to shake than I did before. Was Jill there? She was talking about it. See, if I lived closer I could come and then everyone would be laughing at me. It would take some of the pressure off of you :).

  2. Too funny! I felt ok about my dancing until I showed my family some of the moves at home and happened to be in front of a mirror. Somehow it didn't look the same as I had imagined. It's still fun though!


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