Let Them Eat Cake!

If you're a long-time, loyal reader of mine, first of all, "Thank you and I can't believe you're still here." Really, it's shocking. For many reasons. Here of late, I've been the worst picture taker and poster. If I were a dedicated blogger, I'd document my whole exciting life in photos and give you lots of interesting things to look at. In reality, I'm a slacker who is either too busy chasing kids or too busy sitting and doing nothing, completely relieved not to be chasing kids, to take pictures.

But as I was saying, if you've been around a while, you might remember the Great Cake Debacle of 2011. I wanted cake and had lots of trouble getting it.

I am overwhelmed with thankfulness as I report on the Great Cake Weekend of 2012. In just two short days, I will be...still younger than my husband, but a tad bit older than I used to be. And how better to kick off a birthday weekend than a day of cake? Some sweet friends and family went with me to one of my favorite girly food places which also happens to be one of the best cake places ever. So, naturally, I had cake.

Then tonight, we had a surprise birthday party for a family member who does happen to be older than me (which isn't that remarkable since most people are older than me) and guess what? Two kinds of cake! Now, I had to wait ever so patiently for my cake tonight as it seemed for a while that the restaurant wasn't in fact a restaurant but a place with a sign that said "Restaurant" but was actually a cleverly disguised torture facility. What's worse than taking a rambunctious toddler out to eat? Taking a rambunctious toddler to eat at a place that never actually brings you food! Really, though, Chris took the brunt of the unhappy toddler and the other three kids were remarkably patient.

And when there are two delicious cakes waiting at the end of the ordeal, who can complain? (Well, maybe Sam because he just can't understand the hope of waiting cake.) You read that right. Tonight...two cakes! So, in one blessed day, I've had vanilla buttercream cake (to die for), strawberry cake with quite the reputation around these parts, and yellow cake with homemade, old fashioned chocolate icing. If you don't know that kind of icing, I'm so, so, so sorry. And rest assured I ate your share tonight.

You know what's so fun about this whole thing, though? Tomorrow I'm going to a baby shower and guess what's going to be there? Yep. Cake.

There have been so many other things going on around here besides eating cake (no really, I promise) and I've written about all of them. Unfortunately, I only wrote about them in my head, so I can't share them with you because my hard drive is shot. (Totally the kids' fault.)

But if you'd like a quick rundown:

1. Maddie got bit by a lizard last week. It actually drew blood. Apparently it wasn't carrying any deadly diseases since she's still alive and all her limbs are intact.

2. Today we became the proud owners of two snails and a turtle. I think the turtle will have to find a new home because he doesn't seem to like this one all that much, but the snails can't leave. They've been hired to do a job...eat fish tank algae. Yes, we had lots of applicants and the interview process was grueling, but we really feel like we've got the best slimy creatures for the job.

3. My second try at the dance exercise class was much more successful than the first. I only got lost in the routine about 17 times and no one laughed at me. Okay, technically I don't think anyone laughed at me the first time, but the potential was there.

4. I've got nothing! The last week of my life is like a big black hole in my mind. Let's see, should I blame the less-than-ideal amount of sleep I typically get, the crazy kids who evidently think I want them to drop everything where they're standing the moment they're through using it, or the impending birthday (a.k.a. old age)? I'm too tired to decide so just pick one of those and I'll try to be back soon with more pictures and some sort of functioning memory.

In the meantime, I sure could use some cake.


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