Happy Birthday/Valentine's Day/Snow Day...Take Your Pick

For deep thought, I'll start with a Question of the Day: Does anyone else think it's such a shame that, just as your jeans are getting stretched into the perfect fit [aka, not too tight], it's time to wash them again, sending them straight back to a-smidgen-too-tight status? Life is hard. Don't ever think I don't have real problems.

Last week was big around here. Snowpocalypse Part 2 occurred, but what made it extra-special was its collision with Luke's long-awaited (by him at least) Sixth Birthday, which somehow always lands smack up against Valentine's Day. Every year. Imagine that.

It was all perfect, because Luke is not fond of big boy school, so three weather days off for his birthday was the best possible gift he could have received. Then the fact that he was born just before Valentine's is fitting because he's definitely the lover in the family. That boy has loved hugs, kisses, and snuggles every day of his life. He's the one that, until recently, spent most days following me around the house so he could touch and rub any exposed skin of mine he could find. Kind of endearing and weird all at once. This boy is a feeler, both outside and in, and our lives would be much less affectionate and fun without him.

This little mama's boy has my heart. I feel a tiny bit bad for the wife he'll (hopefully) one day marry. That could be a difficult adjustment for us all. Of course, he's so thoughtful and sweet, she'll be one lucky woman.

It was all fun and games for the birthday boy until Daddy pegged him in the face with a snowball about 15 minutes into the snow day. Then it was inside for warm, dry games for him. The end.

Sam might look pitiful here, but he was a snow bunny. That boy loved every minute of it, once we got the dreaded glove situation handled. Is there anything that tests your patience as a mother more than trying to get tiny, uncooperative fingers into tiny, uncooperative gloves? The neighbors almost got a glimpse of some very ugly mommy moments, but the fingers found their little places just in the nick of time.

The carrot you see Sam holding was soon to be our snowman's nose. First, though, it served as Sam's snow-licking stick. He was a bit obsessed with dipping it in the snow and then licking all the snow off of it. Dip. Lick. Repeat.

I will not go into how it made my whole being squirm at the thought of all the dirt and nastiness involved in that.

Jack was our other snow-lover. He played until the majority of the quickly-melting snow was gone.

And then our Maddie. She made it through snowman building before she headed inside to keep Luke company.

Please excuse the hideous flag in the background above. We love our neighbors, but not their flag or their team. :)

Arggghhh, Matey...

We had some pretty great days at home, except for the parts where we drove one another crazy and thought we might lose our minds being stuck in the house so long. On the last day at home, when all signs of snow were basically gone by the afternoon, we were so desperate to get out that I demanded we all take the exciting drive to the court house to get our new car tags. That's just how fun our life is.

Times got so desperate, in fact, that we resorted to crafts. Paper snowflakes and monster party props saved the day. I took care of the snowflakes, but my dear, sweet, creative, more-fun-than-me husband took over making the monster paraphernalia. 

Everybody who came to the party, including my 80-year-old grandfather and my in-law's dog, was ushered into the registration room for Monsters University for their student i.d. photo by none other than Jack Bond. He took his duty seriously.

It ended up being the "greatest birthday ever." I'm not so great at special occasions, like birthdays and Valentine's. I just love when the Lord makes it special in ways only He can. I was fretting (because that's what I do) over what to do on Luke's actual birthday for that special birthday dessert, because I was already planning something for V Day and his party and didn't want bookoodles of desserts hanging around for me to eat. (Yes, I have too much time on my hands if this is what I'm fretting over.) Then God went and sent snow on the evening of his birthday and the kids were overjoyed to get their first taste of snow cream. Thanks, God. I owe you one. Or maybe more like ten million, but who's counting?


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