Summing It Up and a Happy New Year

I realize that today is the first day of February, which makes this post full of Christmas photos that I've been working on for weeks is completely and utterly outdated. But, dang it, it took me a while to upload all this pics, so an old, totally 2013 post is what you're getting. January has been a doozy. I'll say that normally boring, drab month really turned up the excitement this year. And don't think that by "excitement" I mean all good things. There was Chris's birthday, where he celebrated his entrance to his last year in his 30's. I heard mention of him needing a Bible with larger print. There was hospital admission #2. And then we finished it up with Snowgeddon 2014. If you're not from the South, you still likely know what I mean. And don't make fun. We don't have snow plows, people.

Soooo, in order to free me up to move forward with life and blogging, I give you this old post. We'll start fresh tomorrow....

Another year is in the record books. Is it just me or do the pages in that there book keep turning faster and faster? We had a great Christmas. Jingle Bells. Fa la la. All that stuff. There was enough food to make me feel sick more than once, enough wrapping paper to fill many trash cans (or recycle bins for you earth savers like us), and one especially wonderful Christmas blessing...our children are closer than ever to mastering the art of Sleeping In. It's really a milestone in the lives of parents that can truly be appreciated by those who've had a baby or toddler in their house for over a decade.

Sam decided to make Christmas a little more thrilling by being the first Bond kid with a hospital admission under his belt. He went from scary sick to bouncing off the walls in a matter of hours. Seriously, by the time he came home, he had so many steroids and other meds in his system, you'd have guessed he just got out of the slammer, not the hospital.

Here's a little family photo right before the wheezing began.

Doesn't he look seriously ill? I look less than happy, but Sam looks pretty good.

Maybe it was what happened after this that sent things careening downhill for the little guy. What happened was, Uncle Matthew decided to take Christmas Eve to the next level, complete with tacky Christmas attire. Unfortunately for Sam, that meant dressing like a misfit elf of some sort.

Chris took "tacky" to mean "creepy mustache man." I could barely stand to look at him.

Our new Game Master did a great job coming up with the evening's entertainment. Apparently, though, if you make Sam dress in short-alls and play silly games, his lungs can't take it, which leads to hospital stays and one hyper little ball of medication.

So he bounced back quickly and we got to add "hospital stay" to our list of fun stuff to do during Christmas Break. We took a little overnight trip with the family in the cold drizzle, came home all too soon, and proceeded to head back to school.


But then they decided to stay home a little longer when the South shut down due to some seriously cold weather, which left us with a cracked radiator (which I'll totally take over busted pipes). And then Sam decided that the hospital was fun, so we did Hospital Part 2. He wasn't so chipper this time, so we got to stay longer. That makes Week # I Lost Track of not being in our normal routine.

This was Sam after much improvement.

We decided to add a little happy to the month by celebrating Chris's Old Manhood, which involved Mexican food, so he was happy. We always follow that up with a little time off for MLK day. I wish I had videoed Luke's explanation of who MLK is and what he did. It involved the phrase "It's not fair", him being a preacher, people with brown skin getting old, dirty stuff, and him getting shot with a real gun. I love that Luke really got it and was really saddened by the unfairness of it all. For him, all that stuff is totally foreign.

That left us with another four day week, and just when we began to mourn the upcoming "real week" where Chris would be required to work five whole days in a row...

Dun, Dun, DUN...

Snowgeddon 2014. But that's for another day. Happy New Year, now that it's not so new anymore.


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