What Was I Thinking?

Last week as I was walking out of our Young Adult Ministries Sunday night worship (I think there may be an official name for it, but I have no idea what it is), I was asked to address the ladies the next time we meet. What I forgot at this point is you're always supposed to answer those type of questions with, "Well, I'd love to, but let me pray about that." That way, you sound really holy AND you have time to really think it over (and pray, OF COURSE) and realize that there is no way you want to address the ladies next week becuase that would cause tons of unnecessary stress and, eventually, humiliation in your life. You would have to spend days begging God to speak to you and then, when the week nears its end and you're still not sure He has, you would start to get worried that Sunday will dawn and you will have no idea what you're going to say to all the people who will show up expecting to be taught something profound, convicting, or at least slightly important. How could I forget such a simple thing? Yet, I did...forget, that is. And instead of "Let me pray about that," I said, "Okay."

So now I find myself in the aforementioned (I like that word, by the way) dire situation. What's a forgetful girl to do? Now I'm stuck and slightly stressed. I'm really still in denial that it's really going to happen, or maybe I am still truly hoping for a revelation from God. I'll keep you all updated as to whether or not that actually happens, unless, of course, you're one of the poor souls who shows up on Sunday night to be either bored or amazed that anyone would ever ask me to speak. Then you will need no update, since you will witness either my stumbling, bumbling words or a great work of the Holy Spirit through an undeserving and incapable girl who just wants to glorify Him.


  1. I believe the official name for Sunday nights is "Devoted". I can't wait to hear you, I know God will tell you exactly what to talk about and it will be great!!!

  2. Even though I know you'll do a great job (Paul + C.S. Lewis + estrogen = Amy), I completely understand how you're feeling and hope your stress is soon alleviated. Because you're in tune with the Holy Spirit, even your impromptu talks are deep and meaningful; therefore, those who expect to hear from you something profound, convicting, and important will certainly not be disappointed.

  3. See! (Being) Equipped for the unknown.


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