Harder to See than Ever

I'm going to try to make this quick. (Ha! As if that's possible.) Chris and Maddie are on their way home, and things usually get CRAZY around here once all 5 of us are together. But, I just wanted to add a new post about a great "Hard to See" blessing. (See previous post here.)

So, in the midst of my not so fun week last week, I really had trouble seeing or being thankful for any blessings. I know they were still there, but my view was very clouded. But God is good and just a few days later, I have been blessed. "What's this blessing?" you're dying to know. Well, it is.......(Enjoy the build-up. Don't peek ahead!).......YOU! Okay, I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, (and I'm NOT a fan of cheesy) but it's just true. This time last week I felt so isolated and alone. But just a mere 7 days later, I have been showered with encouragement and love. I am still struggling to keep my eyes on Jesus and the truth of His Word, but the hugs, concern, emails, comments, etc. from my friends have been a bright light in the midst of my struggle this week.

I just ask one tiny thing of you. If, someday, I happen to be struggling with all this stuff from a location many miles away from you all, promise you won't forget me. :)


  1. Glad you are having a better week, despite having another sick kid! And of course we won't forget you, how could we??? Of course, we would miss you terribly, but we will always stay in touch!!!!


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