Friday, October 30, 2009

Monkeys and Huskies and Cows, Oh My!

It would really be helpful to this whole blogging thing if I was creative, but since I'm not, you get this post.

I'm going to have to go ahead and tell you that, though I'm sure your kids are cute in their Halloween costumes, I do truly believe I have the cutest little monkey around.

Of course, not many people at the Fall Festival could actually appreciate his cuteness, since he spent most of the night like this...

Jasmine and the husky were, thankfully, very cooperative for most of the evening, despite the fact that Jasmine was freezing her tooshy off (I just realized I have no idea how to spell tooshy) and the husky (a.k.a. The Big Bad Wolf) was dripping in sweat. (It's a very life-like costume, since huskies do live in cold places. Alabama just happens NOT to be one of those places.)

And look how well Jack and Kenley coordinated their costumes for the evening. Go HT! Or MusHT. (Okay, that has to be the lamest slogan ever.)
And below is Jack, earlier in the day at his school party, reviving last year's costume, the Cow with Green Ears. You see, Jack (being Jack), refused to be Aladdin this year, which would have been super cute seeing as we had Jasmine and Abu. But when the idea is not Jack's, he will never accept it. So he randomely came up with the idea of being a "husky dog." (That would a dog of the species Husky, not a plump yet short dog who has to buy slightly bigger pants.) If you didn't already know, Chris' talented and dedicated mother makes the kids' costumes each year. She was a little baffled by the husky request, plus she was running short on time. So we talked Jack into revisiting the very unique Cow with Green Ears. All was well in Halloween Costume World, until Chris' mother decided she would be a super-sweet-Grandma and surprise Jack with a husky costume. She battled through bronchitis and a time crunch and came up with this amazingly husky-like outfit. And when the costume surprise was unveiled, Jack, naturally, proclaimed he no longer wanted to be a husky. He was going to be a Cow with Green Ears. And that's just Jack...(But he has a mommy who is equally stubborn, so a compromise was met.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heart-Pounding Passion

I must begin this post by recognizing a significant, stress-inducing event that happened in my life this weekend. You might think it has something to do with mothering 3 energetic children, speaking yet again in front of our Sunday night group of girls, or even selling all of our possessions and relocating our family to a tropical island. You would be wrong. The event that caused my life to be put on hold while I thought I might pass out from anxiety and fear was nothing other than...that stinking Alabama football game! (You know. The one against that oh-so-hated bright orange opponent with the most annoying fight song ever written.)

These last few years, I really have gotten to where I can talk myself out of being anxious or upset over Alabama football by reminding myself of what really matters in life and gazing thankfully at my three healthy children. But, come on. When a whole season and a national championship are about to be flushed down the toilet, my heartrate goes sky high and no amount of gazing into big brown eyes can calm me down! (I'll even admit, to my embarassment, that I uttered a little prayer before that final field goal attempt.) I don't expect any of you girls to really understand. I know I'm somewhat of an anomaly, being a girl who loves football and all, but it's who I am. And, though I realize Alabama football lacks a great deal of eternal value, I'm a fan and always will be. I will be thrilled if they clobber every other team they play this season and are crowned national champions! And I'll feel like I had a little part in it, because I've rooted them on during many non-glorious years of late. So I say, unashamedly, "Roll Tide!" (But please, no more heart attacks.)

But how could I leave this subject without admitting my failure to care as much about a lost and dying world as I sometimes do about a little ole football team from down South? I have asked the Lord for years to give me a heart and a passion for the lost. He is slowly developing that heart in me, but I have a long way to go before I find my heart beating out of my chest and myself down on my knees begging God to save one more soul through me. Oh, how I long for that God-given passion and love for the one thing on this earth that is eternal...the souls of men. And I look forward (as cheesy as this sounds) to the ultimate victory and sharing it with as many people as possible.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why Am I Still Awake?

I cannot count the number of times in the past 20ish years that I have promised myself upon waking up tired and grumpy in the morning that I would DEFINITELY go to bed earlier that night. I will try to convince myself that it absolutely WILL happen, no matter what...which brings me some comfort in my grogginess and something to hope for. I cannot imagine why that would give me any comfort because I almost never follow through with my promise to myself.

It seems God has wired me to be a night owl, whether I like it or not. There are many nights, like tonight, that I AM tired and the thought of bedtime is inviting, yet I cannot let things go. Since I have adopted my new, laid-back, it-can-wait-until-tomorrow approach to life, I seem to let things go for approximately 48 hours. At that point, my natural, anal, stressed-out self returns and all things that have been "let go" for that 2-day time period must now be done, no matter the cost.

However, God has a sense of humor, for while He created me to be a neat-freak, gotta-have-it-done-yesterday kinda girl, He also fashioned me so that I actually don't like to work. So, here is what happens: I make my to-do list of about 10 things that I must get done in the next 1-2 days, I stress about how I will get all those things done, I complain to anyone who will listen (or to the wall) about how much I don't want to do most of the things on my list (especially if it includes cleaning bathrooms, which it almost always does), I waste my time on the computer reading blogs and/or updating my own, then I stay up really late getting the things on my list done.

Who knew there could be a clean-freak, perfectionist, and procrastinator all in one? I just have one thing to say about's not easy being green, I mean - me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Everybody Loves a Parade

Last week, the kids, Chris, my mom, and I went to the world-famous Hewitt-Trussville Homecoming Parade. It's right up there with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...only a little shorter, and a few less celebrities, and no towering balloons. But, other than that, exactly the same.

We set up our chairs in a prime corner spot, and waited...

...and waited...

...and, you guessed it, waited...

And then, the blaring sirens announced the beginning of the parade (much to Jack's dismay).

Then we waved with excitement as the homecoming court, football team, band, and about two whole floats passed by.

And three and half minutes and a bag full of non-chocolate candy later, we headed back to the van.

But, the funny thing is, the kids were thrilled. It really is the simple things.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Not Terah

Who is Terah, you say? You mean you don't remember him? He is the father of the great patriarch of the Bible, Abraham. He is also a man who had the chance to be a part of something big that God had planned, but blew the opportunity. While he was living in Ur with his son Abraham, this very son received a call from God to go. Now Abraham seemed willing, but, for some reason, he took his dad with him. They were to go to Canaan, but they stopped and settled midway in a city called Haran. Abraham remained there until Terah's death and then moved on to the land God had called him to.

This week as I did my Bible study lesson and studied this passage of Scripture in Genesis, I was reminded of the sad story of Terah. He had set out on a journey but ended up being the one person who held everyone else back. It took his death for the rest of his traveling companions to complete their purpose in life. What a sad commentary on a life. He spent his life up to this point worshiping idols, but here he had the chance to do something amazing with the One, True God...and he came close. But something held him back. I don't know what it was...grief over the death of his son, Haran, fear of the unknown, apathy, worldly distractions? Whatever it was, it was not significant enough that it should have stopped him. What in this life is significant enough to keep us from God's calling? In truth, nothing. But we use so many excuses. And we miss the blessing.

Even more than a missed blessing for ourselves, though, is the fact that we could be causing others to miss a blessing. Terah held the rest of his family back. But God did not leave a willing Abraham with an unfulfilled life. Instead, He removed the one who was holding Abraham back from the picture completely.

Naturally, after I read this portion of Sripture and completed my questions on it, I immediately located my application to be a missionary (yack!), finished those last two questions, and then promptly presented it to my husband when he came home. What had kept me from finishing it? Well, the first week, it was fear of the unknown and love of this world. After that, it was busy-ness. Then this week, it has just been apathy. But none of those are good reasons for me to potentially hold back or even delay my husband (and myself, too) from following God. Do I really want to risk being removed from the situation? Not particularly. :)

So, ask yourself..."is there anyone in my life whom I am holding back from God's plan for themselves (and maybe for me, too)? Is there someone who God is calling to something crazy and extreme whom I am hampering by my attitude or actions?" (Probably not. It's probably just me. But I can hold out hope that someone else can relate to this. I hate to be the only one called out by God on my failures. :) )

But if that IS you...Don't be Terah.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ode to Fall

Fall, how I love thee. Let me count the ways...

1. I love the clear blue sky, the crisp, cool breeze, and the long shadows on the ground.
2. I love college football. Roll Tide! However, the lack of cable tv and the abundance of children at my house sometimes put a slight damper on this particular aspect of fall.
3. I love pumpkins, hayrides, and the smell of a warm fire.
4. I love a warm cup of coffee (with plenty of sugar and flavored creamer) on a cool morning...or evening.
5. I love being able to open the windows at home or in the car. However, I usually quickly close the windows at home again for fear that the neighbors will call the authorities, certain there must be some form of torture going on to cause all the crying and screaming emanating from our home.
6. I love the beautiful fall foliage, which can be admired all hours of the day by simply looking out my kitchen windows. Oh, what a blessing!
7. I love the anticipation of the quickly approaching holiday season. Its approach is usually better than its arrival, full of busy schedules and bargain shopping.
8. I love going to high school football games on cool evenings and hearing the rhythm of the drum line and the blaring of the trumpets. Ah, the memories.

The orderly side of me really wants this to be a top-10 list, but I just can't think of two more things about my favorite season. So, I'm appealing to the huge crowds of people that read my blog...give me some more wonderful things about this fun time of year.

I've been they have fall in the Caribbean?