Heart-Pounding Passion

I must begin this post by recognizing a significant, stress-inducing event that happened in my life this weekend. You might think it has something to do with mothering 3 energetic children, speaking yet again in front of our Sunday night group of girls, or even selling all of our possessions and relocating our family to a tropical island. You would be wrong. The event that caused my life to be put on hold while I thought I might pass out from anxiety and fear was nothing other than...that stinking Alabama football game! (You know. The one against that oh-so-hated bright orange opponent with the most annoying fight song ever written.)

These last few years, I really have gotten to where I can talk myself out of being anxious or upset over Alabama football by reminding myself of what really matters in life and gazing thankfully at my three healthy children. But, come on. When a whole season and a national championship are about to be flushed down the toilet, my heartrate goes sky high and no amount of gazing into big brown eyes can calm me down! (I'll even admit, to my embarassment, that I uttered a little prayer before that final field goal attempt.) I don't expect any of you girls to really understand. I know I'm somewhat of an anomaly, being a girl who loves football and all, but it's who I am. And, though I realize Alabama football lacks a great deal of eternal value, I'm a fan and always will be. I will be thrilled if they clobber every other team they play this season and are crowned national champions! And I'll feel like I had a little part in it, because I've rooted them on during many non-glorious years of late. So I say, unashamedly, "Roll Tide!" (But please, no more heart attacks.)

But how could I leave this subject without admitting my failure to care as much about a lost and dying world as I sometimes do about a little ole football team from down South? I have asked the Lord for years to give me a heart and a passion for the lost. He is slowly developing that heart in me, but I have a long way to go before I find my heart beating out of my chest and myself down on my knees begging God to save one more soul through me. Oh, how I long for that God-given passion and love for the one thing on this earth that is eternal...the souls of men. And I look forward (as cheesy as this sounds) to the ultimate victory and sharing it with as many people as possible.


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