I'm Not Terah

Who is Terah, you say? You mean you don't remember him? He is the father of the great patriarch of the Bible, Abraham. He is also a man who had the chance to be a part of something big that God had planned, but blew the opportunity. While he was living in Ur with his son Abraham, this very son received a call from God to go. Now Abraham seemed willing, but, for some reason, he took his dad with him. They were to go to Canaan, but they stopped and settled midway in a city called Haran. Abraham remained there until Terah's death and then moved on to the land God had called him to.

This week as I did my Bible study lesson and studied this passage of Scripture in Genesis, I was reminded of the sad story of Terah. He had set out on a journey but ended up being the one person who held everyone else back. It took his death for the rest of his traveling companions to complete their purpose in life. What a sad commentary on a life. He spent his life up to this point worshiping idols, but here he had the chance to do something amazing with the One, True God...and he came close. But something held him back. I don't know what it was...grief over the death of his son, Haran, fear of the unknown, apathy, worldly distractions? Whatever it was, it was not significant enough that it should have stopped him. What in this life is significant enough to keep us from God's calling? In truth, nothing. But we use so many excuses. And we miss the blessing.

Even more than a missed blessing for ourselves, though, is the fact that we could be causing others to miss a blessing. Terah held the rest of his family back. But God did not leave a willing Abraham with an unfulfilled life. Instead, He removed the one who was holding Abraham back from the picture completely.

Naturally, after I read this portion of Sripture and completed my questions on it, I immediately located my application to be a missionary (yack!), finished those last two questions, and then promptly presented it to my husband when he came home. What had kept me from finishing it? Well, the first week, it was fear of the unknown and love of this world. After that, it was busy-ness. Then this week, it has just been apathy. But none of those are good reasons for me to potentially hold back or even delay my husband (and myself, too) from following God. Do I really want to risk being removed from the situation? Not particularly. :)

So, ask yourself..."is there anyone in my life whom I am holding back from God's plan for themselves (and maybe for me, too)? Is there someone who God is calling to something crazy and extreme whom I am hampering by my attitude or actions?" (Probably not. It's probably just me. But I can hold out hope that someone else can relate to this. I hate to be the only one called out by God on my failures. :) )

But if that IS you...Don't be Terah.


  1. Awesome reminder, Amy! And I am so proud of you!

  2. Amy! I didn't know you had a blog!!!!! Oh my goodness, I am so excited. I love to read blogs and now I can read yours. I have been looking at your past posts and they contain so much wisdom. I can't wait to read more. MamaHen (aka Wendy Clark) :)


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