Ode to Fall

Fall, how I love thee. Let me count the ways...

1. I love the clear blue sky, the crisp, cool breeze, and the long shadows on the ground.
2. I love college football. Roll Tide! However, the lack of cable tv and the abundance of children at my house sometimes put a slight damper on this particular aspect of fall.
3. I love pumpkins, hayrides, and the smell of a warm fire.
4. I love a warm cup of coffee (with plenty of sugar and flavored creamer) on a cool morning...or evening.
5. I love being able to open the windows at home or in the car. However, I usually quickly close the windows at home again for fear that the neighbors will call the authorities, certain there must be some form of torture going on to cause all the crying and screaming emanating from our home.
6. I love the beautiful fall foliage, which can be admired all hours of the day by simply looking out my kitchen windows. Oh, what a blessing!
7. I love the anticipation of the quickly approaching holiday season. Its approach is usually better than its arrival, full of busy schedules and bargain shopping.
8. I love going to high school football games on cool evenings and hearing the rhythm of the drum line and the blaring of the trumpets. Ah, the memories.

The orderly side of me really wants this to be a top-10 list, but I just can't think of two more things about my favorite season. So, I'm appealing to the huge crowds of people that read my blog...give me some more wonderful things about this fun time of year.

I've been wondering...do they have fall in the Caribbean?


  1. On #2 you know our tv is always open to you and we certainly don't mind your abundance of kids to ours! The kids always have fun together and us adults are pretty fun people too! One of my favorites about fall is candy corn! Not as deep or poetic as your list, but still I love it! Not sure about fall in the Caribbean, I will look that up and get back to you :-)


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