Monkeys and Huskies and Cows, Oh My!

It would really be helpful to this whole blogging thing if I was creative, but since I'm not, you get this post.

I'm going to have to go ahead and tell you that, though I'm sure your kids are cute in their Halloween costumes, I do truly believe I have the cutest little monkey around.

Of course, not many people at the Fall Festival could actually appreciate his cuteness, since he spent most of the night like this...

Jasmine and the husky were, thankfully, very cooperative for most of the evening, despite the fact that Jasmine was freezing her tooshy off (I just realized I have no idea how to spell tooshy) and the husky (a.k.a. The Big Bad Wolf) was dripping in sweat. (It's a very life-like costume, since huskies do live in cold places. Alabama just happens NOT to be one of those places.)

And look how well Jack and Kenley coordinated their costumes for the evening. Go HT! Or MusHT. (Okay, that has to be the lamest slogan ever.)
And below is Jack, earlier in the day at his school party, reviving last year's costume, the Cow with Green Ears. You see, Jack (being Jack), refused to be Aladdin this year, which would have been super cute seeing as we had Jasmine and Abu. But when the idea is not Jack's, he will never accept it. So he randomely came up with the idea of being a "husky dog." (That would a dog of the species Husky, not a plump yet short dog who has to buy slightly bigger pants.) If you didn't already know, Chris' talented and dedicated mother makes the kids' costumes each year. She was a little baffled by the husky request, plus she was running short on time. So we talked Jack into revisiting the very unique Cow with Green Ears. All was well in Halloween Costume World, until Chris' mother decided she would be a super-sweet-Grandma and surprise Jack with a husky costume. She battled through bronchitis and a time crunch and came up with this amazingly husky-like outfit. And when the costume surprise was unveiled, Jack, naturally, proclaimed he no longer wanted to be a husky. He was going to be a Cow with Green Ears. And that's just Jack...(But he has a mommy who is equally stubborn, so a compromise was met.)


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