Life Stinks...But Not All the Time

I've just been miserable and depressed and mad and yucky and mean and a little psycho the last few days. Basically, like this...

Or just like I want to crawl in a bucket and hide.

I'm choosing to blame it mostly on hormones and my most hated time of the year (the first half of January) rather than my selfishness and other unnamed parties. I really think being cooped up in the house with no purpose other than changing diapers, doing laundry, and entertaining bored children makes me insane. I know it's important work, but I'm not especially good at it.

Since I haven't been feeling too chipper, Luke, being the super sweet, adorable child that he is (most of the time), decided to help me out a bit by...

paying the bills, reorganizing my wallet,

and answering some tadpole emails.

And also reminding me that life is pretty sweet most of the time, if I can just keep looking up. Thanks, Lukey.


  1. He is so stinkin' cute!!! I'm with you though...can't stand to be trapped inside by sub-freezing temperatures!! Here's to a fast January!


  2. He is stinkin cute! Love the footie pjs. They are my favorite. I am feeling cooped up also. I love to be home, but like knowing I could leave if I wanted to.


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